The Menswear Branded Sweatshirt Trend

One of the current trends taking menswear by storm is the sudden rise in popularity of branded sweatshirts, more precisely those which feature classic designer slogans. Initially I was unsure about this latest craze, but as time progressed I started to warm to the idea, I predict in the future I may even add one or two to my wardrobe. View Post

The Search For Smart, Slim Fit Clothes For Men

My never ending mission to acquire clothes for smaller men continues, my hunt has currently turned to acquiring smarter apparel. In this case, my priority goal was to find a high quality blazer with a a great fit. I found that it is even more of a minefield trying to find formal wear for us slimmer guys. Having very little success with homegrown brands, my focus turned to Italy. View Post

Boda Skins Antique Brown Kay Michaels Leather Biker Jacket Review

I’ve kept a close eye on the Boda Skins brand for some time, regular readers may remember my previous article in which I talked about their products and history. As much as I loved their look, I never considered one for myself, at the time I believed they wouldn’t suit my own particular style, due to the classic biker designs. But then something changed, well to be more precise, I spotted their Antique Brown leather variant and it turned everything upside down!

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An Interview With Plus 2 Clothing

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, yet the majority of clothing brands would have you think otherwise. Most are designed with a certain body type in mind, yet very few actually fit into this very narrow criteria. Many brands are even guilty of featuring clothing lines on their websites worn ill fitted on their chosen models. Tall guys with slim frames are one particular group who struggle to find clothes that fit how they desire.  Plus 2 Clothing specialises in filling the void for taller men.

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Top 5 Mens Summer Essentials For The Beach

Summer is just around the corner, be ready to banish those winter blues in favour of the joy only the blazing sunshine can bring. Personally I cannot wait to be able to roll out my favourite vintage Levi’s denim shorts again! Before you go rushing to book your summer vacation, you need to make sure you have all your requisite summer essentials at hand to guarantee your holiday will be memorable for all the right reasons! Allow me to list my top 5 crucial items no sun worshipper can do without! View Post