Jey&em Luggage Review

Jey&em Luggage Review

In the business world, it is quite common to travel regularly for meetings, conferences and events. We have all experienced this hustle and bustle, yet often our luggage can let us down, especially when it comes to functionality. The Jey&em ONE luggage hopes to revolutionise travel as we know it with their latest release – read on for more information.

The Jey&em brand was founded by Marc Sapetti and Jey, both high flying business travellers who encountered many trials and tribulations during their regular journeys across the globe. They took it upon themselves to fix many of these problems that so many people come across daily. This quote from Mark sums it up best “for many of us, our office is our backpack or suitcase. We need to make sure it works, adapts to our habits, and most important: help us be more efficient in our tasks.” Together they came up with the idea of strong and sturdy luggage, containing multiple features such as an inbuilt charger for your smartphone, external laptop case (for easy accessibility during travel) and a secure locking system to keep everything safe.

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I have been tasked to take a closer look at their new design and put it through its paces, which I did during one of my frequent trips to the city of London.

Size And Shape

The case was designed with a classic rectangular shape in mind, allowing you to transport even items which are longer and broader without too much of a hitch. The ONE is sizeable without reaching cumbersome levels and suitable for the majority of trains and aeroplanes throughout the world, easily stored in the overhead compartments and luggage racks during travel – ensuring your business essentials are never too far away!

On our recent work trip to the capital, I managed to fit in clothing (lounge and underwear), three pairs of shoes (two sneakers and a pair of boots), bathroom essentials (shower and face products etc.) and also the DSLR camera and two additional lenses including the flashgun. From this statement alone, the proof is there that the ONE is more than capable of carrying all of your items during important business journeys. I additionally took my Macbook Pro in the external carry case attached to the front.

Size specifications –

  • Height 55cm / 22inches
  • Width 38cm / 15inches
  • Depth 22cm / 8.7inches
  • Weight 3.3kg

Design – External

The Jey&em ONE luggage boasts a beautiful design which is evident as soon as you first set eyes on it — fashioned out of solid black polycarbonate (or silver if you choose the different colourway). The design of the casing features simple yet sleek lines which are fashionable yet also visually pleasing. Positioned on the top of the case is a small brand logo, cool and is quite unlike anything I have seen on luggage before.

Four wheels are attached to the base of the case, enabling easy transport, along with an intentional 5% tilt which lowers the luggage towards your body (which also helps adjust for the additional weight of the laptop case on the front). The is a unique feature to this brand aptly named Balance Tilt, and the company guarantees that your luggage will not tip over during regular use.

The case features the now as standard easy pull up and push down handle, allowing you to walk freely with your luggage rolling behind you as you rush to your next platform/flight. Once the main handle is locked down, you can then utilise the additional static plastic strap for handheld carrying (for transporting upstairs or just in case you want to keep it close to you when moving). The luggage features a sturdy YKK zipper which unzips around three of the four edges; this is then locked securely with a side TSA lock to keep your essentials safe.

It must also be mentioned that the Hinomoto designed wheels boast remarkably quiet wheels, gone are the days when rolling luggage afflicts your ears with the sounds of inferior quality materials brushing together during movement.

Laptop Case

When selecting your product, you can choose either the bag (as I did) or the sleeve, depending on what level of functionality you require. The bag has enough room for a 15-inch laptop along with a separate compartment for accessories and important documents, all stored within its waterproof coating. The laptop case sits on the front of the luggage, again locked in place with secondary TSA lock from the German company Fidlock (estimated at holding an astounding 50kg of weight!). Additional bonus – the bag also sports a handle to allow you to carry it as a briefcase.

Design – Internal

Once you delve inside the casing, you are greeted with a simple yet effective design, all fashioned in a classic black colouring. Each of the two sides is held secure with zippers keeping all of your items safe, both of the zippered flaps contain additional pockets for holding onto smaller items such as travel documents or even cash.


Advertised as luggage that will revolutionise travel, it is self-evident that it boasts a variety of extra features not found on your typical travel bags.
As touched upon earlier, the laptop case which connects to the outer casing is done so via a simple locking method. If you are wondering how it removes, there is a small red pull tab which allows for quick removal (can then be tucked away under the case to keep it hidden from view).

One of the top-selling points of the luggage is the inbuilt charging kit; this in itself is one of the reasons the ONE is worth the asking price. Featuring a 3 in 1 charge cable for multiple devices backed up with a 10’000mah power bank giving up to 6 full charges on your smartphone (fortunately this is always easily accessible, so you no longer have to fear your phone running out of power).

Available charge connectors –

  • USB C
  • USB Mini
  • Lightening


During my London trip, the Jey&em ONE luggage was invaluable. I utilised nearly all of the available space (including all of the small additional pockets) along with the game-changing external laptop case (definitely one of those times when someone thinks outside of the box and revolutionises the way we do day to day things).

I also used the charging kit frequently during the journey, my iPhone battery regularly drops to dangerously low levels (close to cutting it out!), so the ability to charge it up again on the fly was an exceptional bonus.

Value For Money

The cost of the Jey&em ONE edges towards the higher price bracket, however, I always say that you pay for the best things in life and this luggage fits that bill. Thanks to its high production values and additional features, the ONE will boost your travel experiences for many years to come, and that initial outlay will save you money in the long run.


In conclusion, I can only give top marks to the Jey&em ONE suitcase, offering the ideal travel companion with its ease of use and groundbreaking features all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package. Here is a quick round-up of its top points –

  • Stunning Design
  • Large amounts of space
  • Easy to transport
  • Exceptional features, particularly the portable charge point
  • Efficient safety locks

What do you think of this new style of luggage, will you be adding one to your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments section of my men’s style blog bellow.

Take a look at the Jey&em collection here

*Partnership with Jey&em / Opinions are my own.



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