Calvin Klein Sweatshirt Outfit Throwback

My latest post is a look back to when the temperature was much cooler before our current heatwave took hold. It seems a long time ago when I was able to venture outside, comfortably wearing a heavyweight sweatshirt. View Post

3 Most Comfortable Designer Underwear Briefs For Men

No matter what outfit a man wears on the outside, strip away all of their style and fashion ideas, we are left with the same question! Finding stylish underwear which is also comfortable for daily wear. There is nothing worse than finding out your new pair of designer briefs are causing you discomfort, potentially ruining your daily activities. With this in mind, I have chosen my top 3 choices of stylish men’s briefs. View Post

Your Average Guy Monthly Wish List July 2018

This is the first post of a new monthly series in which I will be turning my attention to some items which have taken my fancy! Mostly these products will be far out my budget, mixed in with some much more affordable pieces! View Post