5 Premium Designer Holdalls To Fill With Your Essentials

I remember a time when all I needed when I left the house was my phone, bank card and maybe a watch. Those much simpler times seem to be long gone, stepping outside I undoubtedly bring a huge amount of items on my journey, particularly when we have to take photos for me mens fashion blog. I’m sure there are many others (I would hope it’s not just me!) in a similar situation, so I’ve set myself a goal of seeking out a suitable mens bag to fill with all my stuff and add to my clothing collection. View Post

Skeleton HD Outlaws Silver Twin Skull Bracelet Review

Mens bracelets are something which have always alluded me, partially because I never encountered one that really grabbed my attention. The primary reason is due to the simple fact that I believed they wouldn’t fit in with my wardrobe choices. Times change, my fashion choices are constantly evolving from week to week, it wasn’t so long ago I would never have even worn a baseball cap or super skinny jeans! So with that in mind, I’ve teamed up with Skeleton HD to review one of their bracelets, this will surely give me the chance to decide once and for all if mens jewellery is something that fits in with my style! View Post

Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster Hands

Omega Seamster Aqua Terra Automatic Blue Watch Review

I’ve always been a fan of Omega watches, but one particular model has always caught my eye, the Omega Seamster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Watch to quote its full name. Its simple yet classic design is timeless (pun intended) with a simple yet sleek look that will surely garner adoration from anyone with even the slightest interest in horological pieces. Versatility is one of its strong points, equally suitable to an evening of fine dining in tux and tails or just casual attire of jeans and a sweater. View Post