MCM Stark Backpack Review

For the longest time I have admired the huge range of different backpacks from MCM, the subtle monogramming effect combined with a timeless design had always attracted my attention. Finally I managed to acquire one and add it to my collection. I got the MCM Stark Backpack with Studs in size small, which is unisex. For my latest post I felt it was my duty for me to share my opinion of it with my readers in a review. Check it out below.  View Post

MarsQuest Sunglasses Review

Even though summer has passed and the colder weather is approaching, it doesn’t mean that we need to completely banish our collection of sunglasses. In fact, despite the decrease of daylight hours, the sun still regularly assaults our eyes with its¬†blinding beams of light! With this in mind, I’ve taken the opportunity to review a selection of sunglasses from MarsQuest on my mens fashion blog. View Post

Top Five Classic Vintage Rolex Watches

I’m a huge fan of all types of watches, yet my biggest love is for automatic swiss time pieces with Rolex sitting comfortably at the top of the pile! They are responsible for some of the greatest watches ever to be created, however they also command a very high price point, which is only to be expected thanks to their unparalleled quality. Sometimes it pays to look back through history at some of their classic designs. With this in mind, I have chosen my top 5 Vintage Rolex Watches that any watch aficionado should consider when choosing their latest accessory. View Post