5 Ways To Wear Super Skinny Jeans For Men

Skinny jeans for men have been popular now for as long as I can remember, leading the way at finally banishing those oversized denim styles which were prevalent in the 90’s and beyond. This trend is showing little signs of faltering, new and old brands alike are always bolstering their range with even more skinny styles – spray on, extreme skinny jeans, stick on jeans… the list is endless. In honour of the continued love for these slim fitting jeans, I have compiled my list of 5 ways to style super skinny jeans for men. These are all wearable, everyday outfit combinations, perfect for your average guy.  View Post

Throwback Levi’s Denim Jacket And Chelsea Boots Outfit

Not a bomber jacket or pair of sneakers in sight for my latest outfit post! I originally used these photos on my Instagram account, but only three photos from the shoot made the cut, so chose to not feature them on my blog until today! I was particularly fond of the photos, so I’m happy to finally share them on my mens fashion blog. View Post

Black And White Outfit With MCM Backpack

When it comes to accessories, men are somewhat limited in choice compared to female fashion lovers. Women are seemingly inundated with a wide variety of pieces to bolster their outfits. However, we do have a few secret weapons in our wardrobe arsenal, one of which I am featuring in my latest post. View Post