East Dane 25% Off Sale Time!

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Quick! Grab that wallet! East Dane have just opened another of their world famous sales! Their online store is always bursting with almost endless amazing clothing items and accessories! With the addition of their massive discount code, this only serves to make their products even more attractive and desirable! After all, who doesn’t love a good sale?

With almost all of their range included in this mighty deal, you will be hard pressed to decide which pieces you will choose to add to your basket! I have chosen my top 10 favourite items available in the East Dane sale (please refer to the above image!).

Remember to add the code EOTS17 at the checkout to activate the discount.

If you spend up to $500 you get a fantastic 20% off all your items! But if you spend over $500 you will be entitled to an astonishing 25% discount off anything in your basket! Be sure to head over to the sale now and snap up some bargains before they sell out!

The sale began today at 7am and ends Sunday October 1st 11:59 PST time.