Caseable Macbook Pro Laptop Eco Sleeve And iPhone 6 Hardcase Review

Where would we all be without our tech and gadgets? Continually upgrading is a constant battle to be ahead of the game. The latest models are released that regularly it is next to impossible to keep up! So to keep them looking fresh, we have the next best alternative – cool looking cases! View Post

Wils Fabrik Wooden Watch Review

As you know, I’m a massive fan of all sorts of watches, with so much scope for new designs and styles, there is always something new to pique my interest! In particular, I’m always keen to see the latest wooden watches on the market. This new phenomenon has been steadily building momentum, with many new upcoming brands releasing their own models crafted from wood. Wils Fabrik is one brand which stands out from the crowd with their large selection of time pieces.

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Beard Maintenance Essentials

There was a time when there were only a few who commanded respect for sporting a beard – Santa Claus, Mr.T and Gilius Thunderhead were my particular favourites from that bygone era. For years clean shaven was the only look that was deemed acceptable! From the catwalk to the high street, society had decided that your face had to be baby bottom smooth. Then suddenly there was a dramatic change which swept across the nation. Beards were now the epitome of cool, from the stubble style to the full blown garibaldi, facial hair was now back in fashion and here to stay! But of course, it’s one thing to grow a beard, it’s another entirely to look after and maintain it to ensure it stays in check. So, without further a do, allow me the opportunity to feature my top beard maintenance essentials! View Post