Your Average Guy Monthly Wish List September 2018

September is here! So it is time for another monthly round-up of bits and pieces which I would love to add to my collection! Read on to find out what has caught my eye. View Post

Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Longitude 8006-08 Watch Review

My obsession for watches grows as the years pass by, from retro style digital designs to intricate swiss models. However, my biggest love will always be with automatic timepieces, no matter how much technology advances, there will always be a place for them amongst watch connoisseurs. With this in mind, allow me to look closely at the Automatic Longitude 8006-8 from English brand Thomas Earnshaw in my latest review. View Post

Joseph & Stacey Good Life Ultra Backpack Review

I frequently spend much of my time travelling across the UK, accompanied by a variety of tools and equipment relating to work or play. This regular routine prompts me to carry only the best travel bags and luggage I can find, always on the lookout for an upgrade to my existing kit! My latest addition is the Joseph & Stacey Good Life Ultra Backpack, let’s see if it satisfies my storage needs! View Post