The Allure Of Diesel Jogg Jeans

Mens Diesel Jogg Jeans


The Allure Of Diesel Jogg Jeans

Denim jeans have been around for generations, they are the ultimate average guy style item of clothing. Worn casual with a t-shirt or dressed up for a night on the town, denim jeans are here to stay. However, one negative they all share is the lack of comfort, particularly when worn for an extended length of time. We can all agree, there is no greater joy than finally peeling off those heavy weight, tight fitting jeans at the end of the day, allowing your legs to breath again!

The brand Diesel were one of the first to realise this and took it upon themselves to come up with a solution. They took the revolutionary idea of combining the comfortability of sports style jogging trousers with denim, and thus Diesel Jogg Jeans were born. They have been available for a few years now and are one of the Italian brands top sellers and each season new washes and cuts are added to the line. Diesel takes every opportunity in their ad campaigns to showcase the stretchiness and comfort of their Jogg Jeans, such as using dancers to show just how versatile they are.

Initially I had my doubts about this incredibly unique combination, but after taking the leap of faith a couple of years ago, I finally tried on my first pair. I was instantly in love, wishing that these had been created years ago. They felt nothing like any pair of jeans I’d tried on before. They looked like denim, but to touch they couldn’t be further from them. Super soft and stretchy and very light weight, it was a clear success from Diesel. Even during long train journeys, the Jogg Jeans were of no hindrance, just as comfortable as when I first put them on.

This season Diesel have produced a large quantity of different styles and washes to choose from, there is sure to be a fit for everyone. From the straight legged Waykee for the ever dependable classic look, Krooley and Narrot provide the more fashion forward carrot fit, and Thavar for its slim fit, which incidentally is one of Diesel’s top sellers, then rounding off the line up is Spender, the now obligatory skinny cut, just with the extra advantage of comfort with the Jogg Jean material! With all that being said, I’ve included my favourite 8 pairs of Diesel Jogg Jeans from the current season below. Which pair do you like?


Diesel Jogg Jeans Krooley 0675M


 Diesel Jogg Jeans Thavar 0674V


Diesel Jogg Jeans Spender 0608V


Diesel Jogg Jeans Narrot 0857X


Diesel Jogg Jeans Spender 0855C


Diesel Jogg Jeans Thavar 0855B


Diesel Jogg Jeans Thavar 0674Z


Diesel Jogg Jeans Waykee 0676D

Diesel Jogg Jeans For Men


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