Maxibillion London – Interview

Maxibillion London – Interview

With so much focus on fashion trends and clothing, quite often underwear, activewear and loungewear are taken for granted! For my latest blog post, I managed to secure an interview with the Maxibillion team to find out more about their luxury collection, aimed at the gentlemen who desire the finer things in life. Read on to find out more!

1 Could you tell me more about your brand, Maxibillion?

Maxibillion is a specialist brand that engineers a range of men’s essentials. 

Keen on solving the problems within the spheres of uncomfortable innerwear, Maxibillion aims to change the way people think about essentials by using exclusive materials, innovative technologies and smart designs to engineer the comfiest innerwear and now, athleisure.

Besides, one changes one’s shoes based on the activity one indulges in, or clothing on the evening plans, why not extend this concept to the space of essentials too.

2 What inspired you to launch your own men’s wear brand?

The inception of Maxibillion began after a rather intense work-out followed by discomfort with the underwear I had on. I followed this up by heading to various department stores to find something ideal for training. That is when I stumbled upon the fact that women’s underwear was crafted and detailed to be almost occasion-specific, whereas the range of men’s innerwear was underestimated, underappreciated and lacked the detailing imperative to comfort and performance. 

 This led me to research the technologies involved in this space and then integrate the desired features to construct something smart and stylish. And here we are.

3 Where do you get your inspiration when designing new items?

We design our essentials to be smart, much like any other technologically-driven brand; therefore much of our inspiration comes from the constant innovation and answering the question of pushing the boundaries of comfort. After we draft a round of sustainable resources for maximised comfort and performance, we sample our products by distributing it to a varied network of athletes, businessman, fashion buyers and entrepreneurs from diverse locations, to then head back to research and development. After all, every product we produce undergoes constant iterations and is always open to innovation.

4 Do you have a favourite design from your collection?

My personal favourite is the London compression tights, as they’re incredibly versatile and lightweight. It’s also a neat look for a post-workout tea as well as a jog at Hyde Park, like one of those transitional pieces of clothing that can be worn in all environments metropolitan, be it London, New York or Hong Kong, and still look just as appealing.

5 What is your top-selling product from your collection?

Numbers tell us it’s the Modal Micro Air Geneva boxer brief in Coal Black, but I can see why. Every man needs to have a classic like Geneva, all black and built for long days; it’s the essential one put on without thinking twice.

6 Do you plan on expanding your range of products in the future? 

We indeed do, we plan to use our technological prowess to create ripples within the sportswear category. With my background in engineering and technology and from my experiences within the apparel industry, combining insights with technology to create revolutionary products is what we strive to do. This, of course, means nothing to us without solving the issues Maxibilion was created to solve.

7 Which type of customer would your brand appeal to?

Anyone looking for an underwear or innerwear upgrade, really. Our products are engineered for the sustainable, environmentally conscious man that doesn’t want to compromise on comfort or style.

8 How did you decide on the name Maxibillion for your brand?

It was a very organic session of brainstorming that lead us to combine elements of maximising comfort with the ideas of one in a billion to express the magnitude and grandeur of our products.

What exciting products do you have coming next season 

We’re looking into various smart products with more advanced technologies, integrating the likes of, body temperature regulation and odour prevention with anti-bacterial features. We also have plans to introduce 100% recycled designs in the upcoming months to more towards a Carbon Zero environment. 

Big thanks to the Maxibillion team for answering my questions, it has been a great insight into the brands inception and future goals!

What are your thoughts on the brand? I am Looking forward to hearing what you think on my men’s fashion blog. Let me know in the comments below!



  1. anonimatovato
    March 27, 2020 / 4:27 pm

    that first pair (photo on top) looks really good, and maybe it’s a good alternative for leggings, but I really hope they drop down the prices a bit.

    • Adam
      June 11, 2020 / 12:53 pm

      Yeah, it is a good alternative …and maybe they will in the future 🙂

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