Cornwall Buildings Office Space Review

Cornwall Buildings Office Space Review

Working from home undoubtedly has its benefits – comfortable surroundings, less stress, and those extra hours in bed! However, sometimes it is good to get away from that environment to help concentration and productivity! Cornwall Buildings in Birmingham offer bespoke workspaces for just these situations; I take a closer look in my latest blog post feature!

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Cornwall buildings aim to offer a comfortable, happy and peaceful working environment for those looking for a better work-life balance. They have a variety of different workspaces available styled as a home office, albeit away from home, but with all the creature comforts you have come accustomed to throughout the day. In addition, the building provides a mix of living room/study/kitchen all in one perfectly gelled combination, which each component furnished beautifully to ensure you are comfortable in this home away from home. The grade II listed building is situated in the heart of Birmingham on Newhall Street, close to the main bus lanes and train stations, allowing would-be patrons to visit without too much trouble.


The main section you will encounter is the stunning lounge area, offering several types of seating, including sofas and comfy chairs with wifi access and a kitchen area (complete with a coffee machine!). Close to the main lounge area is also a well-stacked bookshelf filled with a variety of media for you to read at your leisure. There are also many different meeting rooms for your brands and companies on offer, perfect for hashing out those big-business deals! Brentwood Works (who own the building) offers different packages depending on your business, be it for a team of staff or a solo enterprise – everything is catered for with a personal and tailored touch!

If you are looking for an office on tap, located in the city, yet that is both comfortable and relaxing, then BrenCornwall Buildings offers everything you could ever want. I cannot wait to return to use their impressive utilities and functions in the future.

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