Choosing The Right Clothes And Kit For Your Road Trip

Choosing The Right Clothes And Kit For Your Road Trip

Road trips are a popular way to experience the world, especially in your own country, as you can just hit the road and see where the journey takes you – in my latest article, I suggest the correct type of clothes and kit to ensure an enjoyable trip!

There are so many places you can visit by simply grabbing a cool set of wheels for your road trip, and then the most crucial aspect for fashionable guys is what clothes and accessories to take too! Which leads to the next section perfectly.

Choose The Right Footwear

If you are the designated driver for your trip, selecting the proper footwear is essential. After all, if it’s a long drive, you don’t want to suffer with uncomfortable shoes! Aim for styles with a thin sole and a flexible upper section constructed from a quality and premium material. Sneakers can work well, especially if they are low-profile; however, as an alternative, you could grab a pair of desert boots that combine coolness and comfort in equal measure, and the fact they have been popular for decades tells us everything (they are typically available in a variety of colours too!).

Pack Clothes For All Weathers

If you plan to take your road trip across different counties, districts, or states (depending on whether you are in the UK, EU, or the US), you need to be prepared for all sorts of different temperatures and weather conditions. You can plan a little depending on the time of year – winter road trips will require layers and oversized coats for freezing and cold conditions, whereas summer jaunts will demand lightweight clothing such as linen shirts, shorts, and summer-style footwear such as espadrilles or driving loafers. Additionally, car trips require you to live out of a suitcase, so pack items that don’t crease too easily or require any ironing.

Choose The Right Vehicle

Once upon a time, road trips almost always required a classic car to fully obtain a particular aesthetic. For example, many who take to the desert road of Route 66 choose a classic 1940s/1950s car (and then with vintage fashions to match!). However, ageing cars can provide their own set of problems (Even those that are only ten years old), and you could constantly be monitoring the vehicle for mechanical faults (as you may only be versed in no more than checking tire pressures!). Instead of this particular headache, upgrade to a modern car for a more relaxed travel experience – you can still enjoy the open road by taking advantage of modern technology, so check out the huge choice of electric cars on the market and make use of the utilities they bring to the table.

Accessorise For The Finishing Touches

Keep your travel light using various accessories to change your outfits, rather than pack 3+ suitcases with different clothes. For example, hats and caps paired with sunglasses and jewellery can quickly and effectively transform your entire look during the summer months. On the flip side, during the winter, you can use different scarves, gloves, beanies, or flat caps to achieve different styles.

Pack Smart To Make Life Easier

It is easy to get overwhelmed and pack everything, and the kitchen sink into the car, creating a nightmare! Each time you need to find something, you will seemingly be unpacking and repacking daily. Check out packing cubes, a fantastic invention made for road trips, as they allow you to pack for separate stages of the journey in different cubes, and you can plan better and only unpack items for the days scheduled. It’s definitely worth considering!

Final Thoughts

With my handy hints and tips under your belt, you can jump in the car, ready for your road adventure, be well-prepared with the right tools and accessories, and look fashionable on point, too! Happy traveling, no matter where the road leads you.


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