Schott Rocky Puffer Winter Coat Outfit

Keeping Warm With My Schott Rocky Puffer Coat

With the current temperature at rock bottom, I finally got an opportunity to wear a practical item of clothing I recently purchased which was quite an achievement for me, usually opting for design over functionality! But after last years experience with the cold, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice! View Post

Boda Skins Antique Brown Biker Jacket Revisted

Boda Skins Antique Brown Revisted

Let’s kick start 2018 with a brand new outfit post! For this ensemble I dusted off the layer of cobwebs on my Boda Skins brown Kay Michaels Antique Brown Leather Jacket, this beautiful creation unfortunately gets very little wear, however I hope to change that in the coming months!¬†Could be my attempt at a new years resolution! View Post

Topman Joggers And Balenciaga Race Runners Outfit

Topman Joggers And Balenciaga Race Runners Outfit

Quite a change of pace for my latest outfit post, choosing to wear a pair of joggers! Once upon a time I would have ridiculed these type of casual trousers, never imagining that I would wear them on my mens fashion blog! View Post