Boda Skins Antique Brown Biker Jacket Revisted

Boda Skins Antique Brown Revisted

Let’s kick start 2018 with a brand new outfit post! For this ensemble I dusted off the layer of cobwebs on my Boda Skins brown Kay Michaels Antique Brown Leather Jacket, this beautiful creation unfortunately gets very little wear, however I hope to change that in the coming months! Could be my attempt at a new years resolution!

The leather jacket boasts a timeless appearance, its iconic design is undeniably eye catching, combined with a fit other brands could only dream of (Allsaints, please take note!). As much as I love the style of this biker jacket, I’ve found that I don’t really have many items of clothing that suitably match the distressed medium brown colour. Because of this, I’ve recently acquired the black version! I’ve already given it a thorough test drive, so watch out for a future outfit post and review – coming soon!

For today’s outfit, I paired the Boda Skins with my J Brand Black Skinny Jeans and Balenciaga Race Runners to give a sleek, dark look to the outfit. These sneakers have easily taken the throne as my most comfortable pair of sneakers I own! Quite a revelation for premium footwear! What do you think of my Boda Skins leather jacket revisit? Please let me know in the comments below!


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