The Search For Smart, Slim Fit Clothes For Men

My never ending mission to acquire clothes for smaller men continues, my hunt has currently turned to acquiring smarter apparel. In this case, my priority goal was to find a high quality blazer with a a great fit. I found that it is even more of a minefield trying to find formal wear for us slimmer guys. Having very little success with homegrown brands, my focus turned to Italy. View Post

Boda Skins Antique Brown Kay Michaels Leather Biker Jacket Review

I’ve kept a close eye on the Boda Skins brand for some time, regular readers may remember my previous article in which I talked about their products and history. As much as I loved their look, I never considered one for myself, at the time I believed they wouldn’t suit my own particular style, due to the classic biker designs. But then something changed, well to be more precise, I spotted their Antique Brown leather variant and it turned everything upside down!

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Wils Fabrik Wooden Watch Review

As you know, I’m a massive fan of all sorts of watches, with so much scope for new designs and styles, there is always something new to pique my interest! In particular, I’m always keen to see the latest wooden watches on the market. This new phenomenon has been steadily building momentum, with many new upcoming brands releasing their own models crafted from wood. Wils Fabrik is one brand which stands out from the crowd with their large selection of time pieces.

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Tom Cridland Red Sweatshirt And Black Skinny Jeans Outfit

As regular readers will note, I’m frequently seen wearing dark or plain colour schemes, very rarely does anything with a hint of vibrancy invade my clothing choices! But once in a while I decide to liven up the proceedings and add a pop of colour to one of my outfits. Today was one of those times, choosing to adopt a super bright red sweatshirt!

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