Upgrading Your Men’s Style With Piercings

Upgrading Your Men’s Style With Piercings

Piercings for men are another way to showcase your personal style and make a statement, but they are also a form of self-expression. In my latest article, I delve into the world of piercings further—carry on reading to find out more.

Many modern guys opt for a variety of different piercings, from the local coffee shop barista to the latest fashion icon gracing popular magazine covers. In the following points, I will discuss in more depth all the different areas surrounding the piercing world.

The Stigma Surrounding Piercings

Historically, piercings can be popular in ancient cultures at one moment, and then, at the next minute, they are considered a massive no-no in the corporate world. Even in our current era, people are more accepting, yet piercings can often still cause a lot of negativity.

Telling A Story With Piercings

Getting pierced is a way to upgrade your style, adding a permanent accessory to your body from a subtle stud to an edgy barbell; each new piece you add tells a whole story. Additionally, it can boost your confidence level, especially if you get compliments on your new addition.


Piercings are a sure way to start a conversation with strangers. Imagine hitting a club or a fashionable party; you can quickly get to know someone with piercings, such as an ear, nose, or something more radical. Piercings can connect people in unexpected ways, bringing individuals together via style (especially if you pair them with designer stylish rings from Matches Fashion or even more affordable bracelets from ASOS) and stories.


It certainly can take a lot of confidence to get pierced, as it’s certainly no walk in the park, not to mention the healing journey that comes with each new piercing. Each time you get a new addition to your body, you are reminding yourself of your resilience. It can even represent getting through tough times by adding more and more pieces to yourself as a way to heal yourself mentally.

If you are into fashion (very likely as you are reading my style blog!), you can think about how to accessories your piercing with your other jewellery items such as rings, cuffs, necklaces and even watches. Piercings are unique style heroes themselves, and if you are looking to upgrade your collection, you could do well to check out the stone plugs from Urban Body jewelry, which are super stylish pieces of art for your ears – they also allow you to add an earthy vibe to your ensemble.

Human Expression

Piercings are also a celebration of diverse stories, adding colour and texture to our bodies in new and exciting ways and allowing us to stand out more from the crowd. Whether you are a piercing enthusiast or just starting out with your first piece, that little stud or ring will allow you to showcase yourself individually and bolster your confidence in the same breath.


Piercings are not simply pieces of metal or stone; they are little tokens of individuality, badges of courage and extra layers of style for your outfits. Are you considering getting your first piercing after reading my article? Let me know what you choose in the comments section below.


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