White T-Shirt And Black Trousers Minimalistic Outfit

For my latest look, I have opted for a style which is both minimalistic yet also timeless, undoubtedly variations of which can be worn for decades to come. If this has intrigued you, read on further! View Post

Linen Outfit In The Archway

For my latest outfit post, I have opted for a different style to my usual outfit choices, pairing a linen shirt with a pair of drawstring trousers, read on to find out more about this look on my men’s fashion blog. View Post

Getting Measured Up For A Bespoke Suit Guide

 Bespoke suits are the final say when it comes to luxury in menswear, nothing else even comes close to the second skin your tailor will craft for you. Bespoke suits are built from the ground up, assuring every bump, curiosity and love handle is accounted for, ensuring you will look the best you can be, not to mention you will be safe in the knowledge that what you are wearing is one of a kind (no danger of a contemporary sporting the same suit at an event!). For my latest fashion blog post, I am excited to share with you the whole process of getting measured up for a bespoke suit from the consultation to the measuring and finally choosing the fabrics. Read on to find out more! View Post