Don’t Bottle It Up Campaign – The Perfume Shop

Don’t Bottle It Up Campaign – The Perfume Shop

November is Men’s Mental Health Month, and The Perfume Shop has teamed up with Andy’s Man Club and BOSS, encouraging men to talk about their problems and not keep them bottled up.

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I received a gift showcasing a few key pieces that illuminate the plight of many men who suffer alone from mental health issues. It has been stated that fragrance can have a massive impact on how you feel, bringing out feelings that are otherwise locked away and, when paired with self-care routines, can help men relax and put aside any negative thoughts (at least for a while).

Andy’s Man Club is a charity that aims to prevent suicide in men, offering support groups that are free to attend across the whole of the UK and online too, so everyone can reach out to them for help.

Andy’s Man Club, along with Hugo Boss, have teamed up with The Perfume Shop for their “Don’t Bottle It Up” campaign to push the importance of men’s mental health. Show your support for this great cause by alerting others and even approaching men within your circle, asking them if they are doing okay and that it’s okay to talk about any problems they keep to themselves.

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