How To Choose The Best Watch For Any Event

How To Choose The Best Watch For Any Event

Watches are far more than a means to tell the time; they are also stylish accessories that can elevate any fashionable outfit. In my latest article, I take a look at a variety of watch styles and their most suitable event or occasion.

As a watch enthusiast, I am always happy to be introduced to new models available on the market – time-pieces can add a hint of elegance to any casual outfit or even bring a sporty aesthetic to formal attire.

Fashionistas will structure their ensemble perfectly, adding accessories to unite it as a cohesive whole. You can change the whole look of your favourite watch just by swapping out the strap to keep it looking fresh; even digital smartwatches (that allow you a fantastic amount of features on the fly) can be upgraded with new Apple or Samsung Galaxy leather watch bands that offer a striking mix of classical style with modern-day visuals and functions.

Pairing Watch Types With The Correct Outfit

Every watch type has a unique charm; however, certain styles fit particular outfits more than others – with the correct knowledge, you can ensure you wear the appropriate watch with the best outfit and do not make any unfortunate fashion faux pas.

Mechanical Watches

Manual winding time-pieces are the most classic of all watches, with many designs featuring an open back (or front) to view the intricate inner workings. These watches pair well with vintage looks like tweed three-piece suits or classic tuxedos. The modern equivalent is the automatic mechanical, which blends contemporary design with age-old tradition, matched with tailored suits and sharp blazers for an eye-catching look (although many brands offer sporting models, allowing you to rock your new watch with a polo shirt and chino pants for a fantastic everyday look).

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches hit the market many years ago, offering (at the time) the best perfect time-keeping accuracy – they are available in a multitude of sleek designs with a much more affordable price point compared to their automatic counterparts. These types of watches are suitable for office attire such as a simple dress shirt, tie, and trousers ensemble or even paired with jeans and a t-shirt.

Digital Watches

Digital watches exude a sporty vibe and are the perfect accompaniment to activewear, denim jackets, sneakers, and T-shirts with a graphic print. They are also ideal for those who work in an active niche or enjoy sporting activities.

Hybrid Watches

Hybrids offer a fantastic mix of both worlds, combining analog displays with digital functionalities that pair seamlessly with business casual outfits – think chinos, loafers, or brogues).


The embodiment of tech meeting fashion, smartwatches allow you to wear a sporty watch that is also fashionable and chic. There are numerous options for the strap and model design, allowing you to pair it with almost anything – workout clothing, shopping outfits, or even a formal getup (shirts and trousers).

Watch Styles And Occasions

Complete any of your outfits with that flawless watch, allowing you to create an overall unified look. Even the colour or pattern of the strap can ultimately make or break your ensemble, so choose carefully, and you will be hitting all of those right notes.

Dress Watches

Classy dress watches portray a beautiful elegance thanks to thinner profiles and simple designs. Often, they will feature a simple white face supported with a covering of precious metals.

Appropriate Occasions – the subtle structure of a dress watch ensures they are suitable for formal events – black tie affairs, dinner parties, or even weddings, the ideal side-kick to that three-piece suit you save for those deluxe liaisons.

Diving Watches

Diving watches feature a superb, robust build, ideal for those deep-sea dives thanks to excellent water-resistant construction. They typically include a rotating bezel with numbered increments, allowing you to keep track of time during your underwater excursions.

Appropriate Occasions – undeniably bold statement pieces, diving watches are ideal for casual gatherings, beach trips, or even a variety of semi-formal events.

Aviator Watches

Fan-favourites of pilots around the world, aviator watches feature larger dials, quality leather straps, and luminous hands (for those night-time flights) – the whole form is devised for lovers of travel and adventure.

Appropriate Occasions – whether it is a casual meet-up or even a semi-formal business event, an aviator watch will add that rugged elegance that is ideal for a variety of different settings.

Sports Watches

Sporty time-pieces are great for active individuals thanks to their silicone strapped construction and are generally feature-packed with a stopwatch and lap timer functions and much more! The design overall leans towards a dynamic and durable concoction.

Appropriate Occasions – consider the best choice for gym workouts, mountain hikes, or any sporting activity you can think of. Additionally, they will complement day wear when you opt for a more comfortable and casual vibe.

Casual Watches

In the watch market, casual models offer a tremendous amount of versatility and are largely simpler in design than their dressy brothers and sisters. Casual watches are usually available in a wide range of materials and styles and offer leather, plastic, or metal straps, too.

Appropriate Occasions – when are looking for an easy-to-wear accessory, then casual watches are your go-to, suitable for a day at the office, an impromptu shopping trip, or even a brunch with friends.

Field Watches

Since the First World War, field watches (such as the Ollech & Wajs M-110 AS which I featured in an earlier review) have been crafted for battle, adorned by soldiers, and ready for anything thanks to a tough build and always reliable with an easy-read face (no matter the weather conditions).

Appropriate Occasions – If it is an outdoor adventure or a camping trip, a field watch should be at the top of your list. Alternatively, routine daytime events will be the ideal setting when you are looking for simplicity and durability.

Fashion Watches

Fashion-style watches are typically conceived and based on current trends, typically emphasising style over functionality and precision – generally, a quartz movement is used due to the quirky shapes and designs of the watch itself.

Appropriate Occasions – this type of watch is suitable for trendy events, social gatherings, dates with partners or even a standard daytime affair, showcasing your on-point fashionable status.

Luxury Watches

At the top end of the scale, luxury watches boast superior materials, intricate detailing, and enviable craftsmanship throughout. Many timepieces that fall into this category reflect upon timeless models that stand the test of time (pun intended) and will always be popular in the world of horology.

Appropriate Occasions – luxury watches are ideal for those big events, fancy formal dinners, or whenever you need that extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Smart Watches

Smart Watches are the next evolutionary and technological step, connecting seamlessly with our beloved smartphones, allowing us to use features such as health metrics, answering calls, or even keeping on top of our notifications.

Appropriate Occasions – smart watches are suitable for day-to-day wear, casual events (when you need to stay connected to the web), and especially tech conventions (allowing you to show off your love of all things digital).

Choosing The Right Watch Size

When you select a new watch for your collection, you must consider the size so that it sits comfortably on the wrist while looking in proportion to your body shape.

Case Diameter And Band Width

When it comes to sizing up your watch, the diameter of the case is the most crucial, as it affects how it appears on your wrist when worn. Smaller wrists suit a case diameter of 32-38mm, yet larger wrists and hands would demand a 40mm or above (there is some give in this statement, based on personal preference and watch shape). The strap should also adhere to the case size, so a wide version should pair with a larger case, and a narrow style would complement a smaller watch case.

Here are a few handy tips to keep you on track when looking to acquire a new watch.

  • Wear the watch for a few minutes, ensuring it is comfortable.
  • Observe the watch from different angles and distances, checking for a good proportion level against your body.
  • Consider how this watch will pair with the outfits you already own, offering versatility

Layering Watches With Accessories

You can easily elevate the aesthetic of your outfit with additional accessories or jewellery pieces that gel with your watch – choosing complimentary colours and tones and selecting matching metals (stainless steel, silver, gold, or rose gold). Rings and bracelets (especially if stacked) can bolster your watch to greater heights and give your outfit an irresistible finish.


Watches have been the go-to accessory in a man’s wardrobe for centuries, providing the means to keep track of time but also upping your style game in the process – even with the advent of technology, watches are an essential item in your fashionable arsenal and with the advice in my latest guide you will be well equipped no matter the occasion.

What do you think of my latest article? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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