Top 3 Sunglasses For Summer

Top 3 Sunglasses For Summer

Sunglasses are the number one fashion accessory synonymous with summer, when the sun is beaming brightly they are an almost mandatory addition to any outfit. My latest post will focus on some of the coolest styles available this season.

Despite all the various choices of sunglasses available, time and again I always revert back to my classic Ray-Ban Aviators. I find their timeless design perfectly suited to my personal style and I rarely look at other options. But this year I have decided to expand my horizons and look beyond my aviator collection a perfect pair of summer sunglasses.

Tom Ford Tortoise Sunglasses FT0515

I’ve always been a massive fan of Tom Ford, particularly those beautiful suits! But for the moment, I opted for the much more affordable Sunglasses from his latest collection.
Typically flamboyant with a tortoise leopard trim and unusual shaped lenses, yet still maintaining a sleek design. As to be expected from this premium brand, the sunglasses are manufactured to a very high standard and will certainly withstand heavy use. Special mention must also go to the packaging, featuring a velvet style case adding to the luxury feel.

Giorgio Armani EA4099 Blue Sunglasses

Giorgio Armani has been making groundbreaking clothes and accessories for as long as can be remembered, so it comes as no surprise that their sunglasses are no exception. Sturdy and sharp lines, giving off a very modern and stylish look, not too flashy and quite sophisticated compared to many other pairs on the market. These sunglasses would be an ideal candidate for regular daily wear.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Finally let us take a look at my all-time favourites, the Ray-Ban Aviators. Available in a multitude of various frame colours and different lens hues, the allure of the Aviator will live on for many years to come. I believe I will always have a soft spot for these classics, even so, this year has seen me step out of my comfort zone and test drive new models.

What do you think of these sunglasses choices? Are you a fan of any of the designs? Please let me know in the comments below!


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