5 Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Men’s Luxury Wallet

5 Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Men’s Luxury Wallet

When it comes to men’s accessories, the wallet is indispensable. It is the perfect little storage facility for cash, bank cards, ID, and any number of miscellaneous documents. In my latest fashion blog article, I will discuss five important factors to consider when purchasing a luxury wallet.

Wallets are an ideal mix of functionality and style, allowing you to carry around all of your essentials and boost your fashion stakes. Opting for a designer wallet can be a long-term investment with some high-quality, lasting pieces lasting up to 20 years or more. Luxury wallets are practical accessories that symbolise elegance and timelessness in equal measure.

If you are looking for a new wallet, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice, as almost never-ending styles and designs are available. The market size for men’s wallets is steadily growing at a CAGR of 7.3%, and many guys are investing in durable luxury pieces that will last them for years. In the following points, I will discuss five critical elements before making your final choice.


As with everything, the quality can vary drastically depending on the cost, brand, and country of manufacture. Craftsmanship on a wallet refers to cutting, stitching, and adding the finishing touches. For example, the stitching should be tight and sturdy, using thicker threads such as nylon or cotton. Similarly, the craftsman should be very precise when using cutting techniques to ensure a solid base for the aesthetics of the wallet. If you have a keen eye, you can quickly distinguish between a factory-line product and a handcrafted wallet created by an expert artisan.

Full Grain Leather

If you seek a premium wallet, leather should be the go-to material. Furthermore, there are differences in leather materials. Van Baer recommends full-grain leather, as it is a high-quality, durable fabric that looks professional even after years of use and wear and tear (source).

Full-grain leather ticks those sustainability boxes by being eco-friendly. Additionally, it will actually improve with age (like a fine wine) as it will develop a unique patina over time, retaining natural markings and patterns. Also, full-grain leather is renowned for being a breathable fabric, so even if it comes into contact with water or moisture, it will recover compared to other materials.

Capacity And Size

One of the most important factors when purchasing a luxury wallet is its size and storage capacity – you need to find that sweet spot, as a very large wallet can become too messy and bulky (and you will struggle to fit it into pockets of trousers or jeans). Smaller wallets may be sleek but may only fit some of your daily necessities.

Even though there will be a variety of quirky designs available on the market, try to avoid these unusual options. Thicker wallets will cause unsightly bulging in your clothing (ruining your fashionable silhouette), and a long wallet will be awkward to carry.

Always remember to partake in regular spring cleaning of your wallet – lay out the entire contents onto a flat surface and throw out anything you no longer need, such as old receipts or documents. If you keep this up, a standard-sized luxury wallet will be more than satisfactory for your needs.

Wallet Styles

As stated already, hundreds of models are available in all kinds of colours, patterns, designs, and from a wide range of brands. Many of the commonly used styles include –

  • Bifold – A classic ideal for carrying physical cards and a fantastic stylish accessory.
  • Trifold – Allows you to carry more cards and even old-school cash around, thanks to its extra space.
  • ID – If you want something minimal that slips into your trouser pocket on a night out, the ID is a great choice.
  • Long Wallet – Ideal for the businessman, this wallet provides enough space and storage for a mini-office on the go.


Thieves have adapted to modern technology, allowing them to steal our details much more efficiently, such as by scanning our credit card details by simply brushing past us with an RFID reader scanning device.

Fortunately, many brands have started to combat this threat by adding RFID reader-blocking technology to their leather wallets, keeping your cards and details safe. However, remember to search for a slimmer model (some wallets using RFID can look bulky) that offers theft protection but still looks stylish.


Luxury wallets can last for many years, even if they suffer from daily wear and tear. By following the tips in this guide, you will be more than prepped when shopping for a new model to add to your collection. I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn more about your experiences with men’s leather accessories.


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