Vaultskin Wallet And Phone Case Review

When it comes to leather accessories, men often get the short straw compared to their female counterparts when it comes to choice – so the male population goes all out in the key areas left open to them, namely wallets and phone cases. In my latest blog post review, I will be taking a look at one of each from Vaultskins latest collection. View Post

Montblanc + James Purdey & Sons Meisterstück Great Masters  Fountain Pen

Sometimes a fashionable gent needs to upgrade from the very basic, albeit dependable biro! There is undoubtedly one brand that is always at the forefront of premium writing utensils – Montblanc. I take a look at one of their new releases in my latest men’s fashion blog post! View Post

C’est La Vue Polarized Sunglasses Review

As we enter the summer months, fashionable men will be hunting for new clothing items and accessories to upgrade their wardrobe – shirts, shorts and shoes are always high on the list, but without a doubt, a pair of sunglasses is something truly invaluable once the hot weather is with us. For my latest style blog review, I will be taking a look at the brand C’est La Vue and one of their new releases.

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