Top 5 Short Haircuts For Men

Tope 5 Short Haircuts For Men

When it comes to mens hairstyles there are almost endless possibilities, new trends taking the world by storm or a forgotten classic suddenly enjoying rekindled popularity. These current favourites will always come and go, but there will always be a place for short haircut styles for men. They might not top the charts compared to the more flamboyant styles (which, unless you are in a boy band are incredibly tricky to pull off!) but you can be assured that they have a timeless appeal which will look good each season.

On my mens fashion blog I have to decided to turn my attention to these shorter hair styles. For many men, a short cut is preferable, far more suitable for everyday situations compared to those more elaborate styles. Perhaps your employment dictates your hair style choice or even the length (either because of visual appearance or for safety aspects), maybe you have very little time in the morning to dedicate on male grooming. Alternatively you could be one of the many members of the male population who’s hair has decided to abandon their heads, leaving very little choice in hair cut styles! With all these possibilities in mind, I have decided to choose my top 5 shorter hairstyles for men!

Buzz Cut

This one certainly needs very little introduction, simple yet effective. Ideal for the man who literally wants to place little to no effort on his hair style. With many hair related gadgets on the market you can easily purchase your own professional hair clippers and maintain this look from the comfort of your home (Even better if you can convince a friend or loved one to do it for you!). Many different lengths are available to you, plus it is an effective choice if you are battling against thinning hair, choose one of the lowest options and go close cropped (after all this, works for action star Jason Statham).

Short And Spiky

Another option is to allow your hair to grow just long enough to add a small amount of style to it. Adding a touch of gel or wax to your fingertips, ruffle it through your hair and style as desired. Simple and easy, yet gives the impression you actually gave some effort! Chris Hemsworth is a particular fan of this style, as can be seen in many of his movie roles!

Steve McQueen Cut

This cut is in the midst of a fresh bout of popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Named after The Great Escape and Bullitt legend, this is a truly effortless style but also appears very cool and timeless (just like the main man himself). Cut short, yet long enough to add some layering, enabling movement and adding some texture.

Crew Cut

This is undoubtedly a classic, history tells us that it has been around since at least the 18th Century. However it’s adopted name only came to fruition when the style was adopted by crews from University and Ivy League teams in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This is one of those perfect cuts when you want to look stylish with very little hard work in achieving the effect. The hair on top is cut short and positioned in an upright angle, graduated with the hair longer towards the front of the head. Traditionally the sides and back are generally shorter and achieved with a tapering cut. The crew cut hair style will certainly be popular for many years to come!

Short Textured Quiff Cut

For my final choice, I have picked a style that is still short, albeit will require a little more attention then the other choices in my list. Cropped close at the back and sides with the top left longer, the front section is longer yet again in order for you to style it into an artistic and fashionable quiff! Definitely one for the fashion forward of the male population, yet still easier to pull off in comparison to some of those more elaborate designs!

What type of hairstyles do you prefer? Do you opt for the shorter cuts and if so what is the reason? Please let me know in the comments below!


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