How To Style Brown Chelsea Boots And A Cardigan

How To Style Brown Chelsea Boots And A Cardigan

Brown Chelsea Boots are one of the most important items you can include in your wardrobe, thanks to the ease with which they can be incorporated into different outfits, especially jumpers and knitwear. For my latest men’s fashion blog post, I showcase how I styled my latest boots with a chunky cardigan – carry on reading to find out more.

Brown is an essential colour for fashion; it can be worn all year round, no matter the season (although, during autumn, browns, beiges and tans are definitely the go-to colour palettes). Its tone works for formal and casual wear and suits different locations, from green forests to grey cityscapes. Almost every type of clothing is available in brown – footwear, tops, hats, scarves and even full three-piece suits (a brown suit is something I still need to add to my wardrobe!). As such, it is relatively straightforward to build a whole outfit that gels together; that said, you can deviate by adding black, grey and beige to keep the aesthetic looking on point.

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Chelsea Boots And Cardigan Outfit

As the cooler weather is upon us, it is time to pull out those big jumpers and heavyweight knits, so I opted for an oversized, chunky dark brown cardigan as the base for my outfit (something I picked up a while back that I was desperate to wear!). The cardigan is constructed using a soft wool material, with a thin-ribbed effect running vertically down the fabric.

The buttons are large (matching the big style of the top) in a darker brown plastic, providing a fantastic complimentary effect. I slung the cardigan over the top of a plain, slim-fitted charcoal-marl T-shirt, simple yet works excellent against the brown hue.

My footwear choice was a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea Boots from Hockerty (which were hand-made to my specification via their website), and they are a stunning accompaniment to my ensemble with the premium leather, comfortable fit and stylish design. Previously, I reviewed a pair of Hockerty Custom Sneakers (to glorious honour from yours truly!), and their boots are just as praiseworthy!

I selected a pair of washed black skinny jeans for the denim – they are very slim (actually, women’s jeans for that skin-tight vibe), yet the hems sit perfectly over the top of the boot shaft for a sleek silhouette.

My look was completed with a number of accessories – a baseball cap in brown with distressed edges, brown aviators (my go-to style of shades), rings and a bracelet (from Marco Dal Maso).

Here are a few statement tips for your brown Chelsea Boots and cardigan Outfit

  • Select a fitted cardigan or jumper; alternatively, opt for something oversized for a cosy look.
  • Brown Chelsea boots in leather for a classy style, or choose suede for a more casual outlook.
  • Match with dark denim or trousers such as black or grey.
  • Complete the outfit with matching silver, brown, black or even gold accessories.

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Photoshoot Location

I styled this outfit for a shoot outside the local wooded area (Warley Woods), dodging the oncoming traffic whilst on the road(I can never be accused of not taking risks for my content!) – the weather was taking a turn for the worse too, with the rain visible just over the approaching clouds. The backdrop of green and brown trees and bushes looked great against the similar tones of my chosen clothing pieces, making for some great shots overall.

Are you a fan of this type of post? It has been a while since I posted something this way. Would you like to see more like this? Let me know what you think in the comments area below.

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