How To Create A Minimalist Outfit

How To Create A Minimalist Outfit

Minimalism is undoubtedly something that goes hand in hand with fashion and style, opting for outfits that offer clean and sleek lines with a simple colour palette. My latest article provides a few easy-to-follow guidelines for creating a minimalist look.

Outfits based around minimalism offer a modern aesthetic (often used in sci-fi movies to convey a clean futuristic appearance), which is undoubtedly graceful and modest. Forgo garish colours and branding of any kind, but try to avoid any patterns and prints to ensure your overall ensemble is simple yet effective. It is not just your clothing choices but your accessories too, and even if you are a fan of travel and adventure, you can utilise a minimalist backpack, preserving the understated tone.


The most important part of a minimalist outfit is your clothing choices. However, it can be easily achieved if you take care with your shopping habits.

  • Outerwear – coats and jackets should be basic colours, with no prints, patterns or logos, and if possible, no buttons should be visible (hidden varieties would be ideal). Wool-style coats work well, especially in the colder seasons, although plain leather is a great alternative. If you want something extra modern, choose PVC or polyester fabrics (which are typically understated).
  • Tops – T-shirts and vests should always be basic, with no text or brand logos, and use a muted palette (especially avoid anything too bright!). Jumpers and knitwear are plain by default, so they are generally an excellent conservative choice. If you are wearing a shirt, select a simple, basic shade with a matching tie that avoids any ‘quirky’ designs.
  • Leg wear – trousers in plain colours (black, beige, navy) would be best to keep with the minimalistic vibe, although black skinny denim can provide a fantastic alternative.


Sports shoes can be a potential minefield if trying to adhere to a minimalistic philosophy, as many include patterns, bold coloured sections and the company logo. Formal footwear will offer an easier ride, but make sure to avoid shoes with designs and patterns.

  • Shoes – plain Oxford shoes are a good choice, although loafers can be a great alternative, too (especially with the lack of laces). Select subtle colour tones of black, brown or tan in leather or suede.
  • Boots – select a sharp-shaped pointy style in leather, bringing a fantastic silhouette shape to the proceedings (black or dark brown hue); the classic Chelsea boot will tick the right boxes, too. Laced-up boots will enable a smart formal look, although try and keep the laces pulled tight and mostly hidden for a sleeker impression.
  • Sneakers – choose very plain designs with a low-profile shape with no patterns or logos on show. For colour, purchase classic white, beige, brown or even black.


For an outfit, the correct choice of accessories is often the icing on the cake, with almost unlimited options available – watches, jewellery, bags, belts and hats. Fortunately, each of these items is available with a minimalistic mindset. Make sure to select plain configurations with little to no designs and patterns on show, and if available, choose only basic colours. Silver, gold, or black would be the definitive option for jewellery and watches – perhaps a tiny pop of colour to enhance your outfit (remember, nothing too loud).

If you want to create a minimalistic outfit, the hints in this article will set you off in the right direction! Soon, you will efficiently design the perfect understated look and get a few glances from onlookers when wearing your creation! Do you have anything to add to my tips? If so, I’d love to hear what you add and say! Happy styling!


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