Neil Barrett Flame Sneakers

With each passing day in the fashion world we are greeted with another pair of cool sneakers, this time it is the turn of an iconic UK streetwear brand to throw their hat into the ring with their Neil Barrett Flame Sneakers. View Post

Adidas i5923 Iniki Sports Trainer Sneakers Review

Adidas is undoubtedly one of the most popular sportswear brands across the world, their footwear styles, in particular, are considered timeless icons of casual fashion. The Adidas i5923 sneakers are a relatively new addition to their range, which I have kept my eye on for some time. Finally, I grabbed a pair online and have decided to share my thoughts on them in my latest review. View Post

Buscemi Veloce Sneakers

When it comes to fashion, men’s sneakers are one of my biggest passions! It is one of the sectors which continually re-invents the wheel with design, each new season offering yet another innovative take on the humble sports shoe. One brand which has always been at the forefront of new styles is Buscemi. View Post