F Jackets Cafe Racer – One Year Of Wearing Review

F Jackets Cafe Racer – One Year Of Wearing Review

Leather jackets are often like fine wine in that they get better with age, acquiring wear and tear that actually improves the look. As such, in my latest blog post, I will be featuring the F Jackets Cafe Racer I reviewed previously and finding out if it has aged for the better. Continue reading to find out more.

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Looking back at when I first received the jacket and reviewed it here, I remember it fondly and regularly wear it for photoshoots, videos and day-to-day wear. The F Jackets brand is still one of my favourites in the industry, thanks to a huge selection on their website and top-quality production values throughout their products. However, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the re-review of this leather jacket.

Style & Design

Even a year on, the jacket still holds a timeless style for many different occasions. If you had to pigeonhole it into a category, it would sit firmly in the motorbike type thanks to its solid shape and structure, along with a large number of pockets and zippers. In short, it is a stunning jacket and one that I am more than happy to wear frequently for work or play.


The fit can often alter over time, especially with leather fabrics. However, despite this worry, the F Jackets Cafe Racer still fits perfectly even after a year of wear. It provides an amazing silhouette on my frame, no matter what shirts, tops, and tees you pair it with.


The primary focus of this review is to see how the jacket has aged since that very first wear. I’ll be frank: it looks pretty much the same as when I first slipped it on. Yes, there is the odd bump and scuff on the leather or even a few areas of wear around the cuffs and hem, but nothing too dramatic (and something that naturally occurs from regular wear with leather outerwear). Even so, these extra touches give the jacket an additional level of personality that makes it unique to you and you alone.


The motorcycle-style jacket lends itself to many different occasions, from casual to formal (if worn over a smarter ensemble, for example). Even with the extra level of distressing on show, it offers a high level of wardrobe compatibility.

Value For Money

Even after spending time with the Cafe Racer, my opinion on its value for money hasn’t changed—if anything, it has only risen further. The jacket still looks fantastic (maybe even better with the natural distressing) and fits like a dream; it is more than worth the price point (which in itself is more than reasonable against the competition).


As my earlier review of this amazing leather jacket shows showed, it is still a stylish wardrobe essential that effectively raises the stakes of your clothing attire. Its quality construction, even with the addition of natural wear and tear distressing, takes it well onto the next level. If you are on the hunt for a jacket that looks the part but has a long life ahead of it, then check out the F Jackets collection right now.

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