Add Personal Style To Your Workwear

Add Personal Style To Your Workwear

Once upon a time, work wear was typically heavy-duty, bulky, plain, and without even a hint of style; fast forward to the current day, and now there are many more options available to those with a zest for fashion. In my latest article, I will offer suggestions for improving your clothing choices during working hours.

The drastic change to our workwear options is not all that has changed. For years, we were all headed to the same workplace, yet now many of us are working hybrid, dividing our working week between our homes and our place of work.

Working from home undoubtedly has several benefits (getting up later is a huge plus!). However, it can be easy to forget that we will need to be more mindful of our clothing choices during the days on-site or in the office. Some companies insist on a specific uniform, making your decisions easier each morning. On the other hand, this can very quickly descend into something tedious and mundane, wearing the same thing each day. However, there are always ways to spice up your look and add some much-needed personality to your workwear outfit. Carry on reading to find out more.

Know The Dress Code

It’s essential to know the dress code before you start looking at the latest accessories that could pep up your workday outfit. Sometimes, the requirements can chop and change, especially if you have mostly enjoyed working from home and then recently been tasked with spending time in the office. Ask for the latest staff handbook or policy documents, or ask a team member from HR for the latest dress code list. It could be standard formal, casual, or a mix of a business casual style. Always check and do your research, and maybe even get ideas by asking other staff members who are already regulars at the office.

Additionally, if you wear a uniform, find out the rules for wearing accessories and jewellery. For example, are earrings allowed? Or piercings? Can you wear a pair of casual sneakers, or is it a requirement to wear smart shoes such as brogues? Additionally, if you’re on a worksite or factory or even a school or hospital, there will likely be more strict regulations, and you will need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) items. You may need to invest in protective footwear like robust men’s safety boots or even goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. In this event, you can probably only change and alter certain things to your outfit – however, once you are entirely up to date with your attire, you can experiment and add additional pieces.

Add Statement Pieces

There are a few ways to introduce touches of your personality into your workwear clothes, such as a unique coat with a vibrant colour or pattern or even statement jewellery like rings or bracelets. Alternatively, bring a stylish bag to work that you can rock without messing up any potential dress code (as you can easily store it in a locker if need be). Additionally, in a more relaxed office setting, you can wear something bold, such as a large necklace or fancy watch (go Swiss-made for that extra touch of flamboyance!).

Keep It Professional

Whatever you do to add your own touch of style to your workwear ensemble, it is crucial to keep it professional. Make sure to follow the company dress code and be sure that anything you wear still allows you to complete your daily tasks effectively while still looking stylish and fashionable.


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