Traditional Clothing Items From Around The World

Traditional Clothing Items From Around The World

Visiting other countries and embracing their way of life is a fantastic experience, especially their culture and clothing. In my latest article, I will examine a handful of cool and unique clothing pieces from around the world. Keep reading to hear more.

Many countries still hold onto their traditions and beliefs, whether religious, political, or even based on fashions or the climate of that region. The evolution of men’s fashion is fantastic, and it can be a great adventure to try out some of the long-standing traditions. In the following section I will be discussing a number of places to visit, based around their unique garments.

Hanboks – Korean

Hanbok, literally translated as ‘Korean Clothes,’ is traditional to South Koreans. It is a two-piece style consisting of a top and bottom. Like the Kimono, the Hanbok can be simple in design or much more extravagant depending on the occasion or social standing.

During the 19th century, the popularity of the Hanbok slowly declined in favour of Westernized clothing, yet over the last few years, it has had a resurgence largely thanks to K-Pop singers and influencers, who made it popular with tourists.

Kimono – Japanese

One of Japan’s most well-known traditional clothing items (thanks to movies and other media), the Kimono (literally means ‘Thing to wear’) is still worn today for special events. It is a simple yet elegant design that can be created basic or simple and filled with all sorts of colours and embellishments.

In the past, fancy-designed kimonos reflected your social standing, but that has now fallen away. However, certain additions to the cloth can have a deeper meaning, such as a crane symbolising long life and good fortune (ideal for a wedding or a graduation party).

Thobe – Arabian

Thobes for men (or Thawb) are the main traditional clothing items worn by Arabs (almost exclusively in the Arabian Peninsula). They are crafted as a one-piece, long-sleeved, ankle-length robe for formal and informal events. They are typically simple in format, with neutral colours of white, beige, and tan. The robe also has a functional element, as it protects against the sun’s rays (thanks to the colour), and the long sleeves and hem defend against sunburn.

Kilts – Scottish

Another well-known item across the globe (especially within Europe), the Kilt is a Scottish garment that consists of a knee-length wrap-around design using tartan patterns (often to represent their unique clan). The Kilt is not usually a day-to-day item. However, it can generally be seen at significant events such as weddings, military functions or even the Highland Games.

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