Dermadry Total – Hyperhidrosis Treatment Review

Dermadry Total – Hyperhidrosis Treatment Review

It is only natural to perspire during our daily activities; however, sometimes, we can  create an excessive amount of sweat, which can be worrying. Fortunately, Dermadry is on hand to help with their flagship iontophoresis machine; read on to find out more!

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Dermadry was founded in Canada and their aim is to help people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which unfortunately afflicts approximately 1 in 20 people worldwide. One of the brand’s founders also suffers from this type of sweating, which has affected him since childhood. Once he reached his adult years, he was determined to create a practical yet affordable solution and one that worked.

The company launched after extensive research found that iontophoresis treatment was the way forward, which had largely been overlooked in the past.

Iontophoresis Treatment

Iontophoresis is nothing new; in fact, this type of treatment has been around since  the 40s! It works by directing a mild electrical current that enters the skin, neutralizing the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands, thus reducing sweat in the treated area. Because this type of treatment uses only tap water paired with the device, it is recommended for almost everyone.

For the purpose of my review, I will be looking at the Dermadry Total package.


The Dermadry Total package includes all the items needed to help you start your sweat-free lifestyle; listed below are all the components.

Transparent plastic case 

Travel case that is also used as treatment trays 


The controller is used to select the body part to be treated (hands, feet, or underarms) and displays presets, treatment time, and current level.


The metal plates are what deliver the current to the treatment area. Used with the trays and towels (for hands and feet) or slipped into the blue pockets for the underarms. 

Towels and Pockets

The towels are for hands and feet treatment, and the pockets for underarm to protect the skin during treatment.

Adaptor and Cables 

All accompanying cables, leads and plugs have universal outputs and come with a 5-year warranty. 

Instruction Manual

Everything you need to know about the device and how to use it is explained in the instruction manual.


When it comes to using the device from Dermadry, it is relatively straightforward and user-friendly, despite the initial worry when you see all the different parts inside the  case!

If you are starting with hands or feet, you simply take the plastic case and split it into 2 (following the instructions to the tee), place the metal electrodes inside each tray, lay the towels down onto each, and fill each side with tap water.

You then connect each of the electrodes to the controller, plug into the mains and switch on. You will be instantly greeted with a blue display on the digital screen showing a variety of numbers and different options. When switched on, you can alter the settings on the controller; in this case, change to ‘hands’, then you place a hand, palm down on top of the towel in each tray, and you are ready to begin your treatment. You must keep your hands in this position for the entire 20-minute preset treatment time to ensure the highest level of effectiveness.

You go through the same process for feet, but underarm treatment is slightly different; you take the small metal electrodes and slip them inside the blue fabric pockets, then hold them tightly in place underarm for 15 minutes.

The severity of your level of hyperhidrosis (mild, moderate, or severe) will determine the frequency of usage – 3-5 times a week for 1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks or 5-6 weeks if you are in level 3 category. You keep this regime up till your overall level of sweating has been reduced, or you have reached the desired level for your own personal preference. Then, you continue to the maintenance phase to upkeep your results.


I have been using the Dermadry system for a few weeks now in a controlled environment, following the instructions to a tee. I can honestly say I have seen an improvement in my overall level of perspiration! I often had a slight worry about sweat, especially in a public place or at an event, but fortunately, thanks to this handy tech, this has been reduced dramatically! I must be honest, I was quite sceptical beforehand, but after only a short time using the product, I can see that it works!


The parcel arrived packed in heavy-duty cardboard protecting the contents during transit. Inside the shipping package was the actual item itself, the Dermadry Total. The outer box featured imagery and graphics that were bright and sleek, already telling of the quality of the product inside. Inside the outer packaging is the item itself, sitting tightly packed within its transparent carry case, the contents packed neatly inside for easy transportation.

Vale For Money

When it comes to your physical and mental health, you cannot attach a price. However, the Dermadry product works and works well, justifying the price tag! Often the company has a discount running through their site, so an even better price!


I am remarkably impressed with the Dermadry Total – easy to use and operate, and the results certainly speak for themselves! The handy all in one packaging also helps with transportation, so you never have to travel without it. If you are currently on the fence about purchasing this bit of kit, have no fear; after a few short weeks using this device, you will be able to experience a decreased level of perspiration! This system is highly recommended!

*Partnership with Dermadry / Opinions are my own.


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