How To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Options

How To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Options

Living in the UK has many positives, but we also suffer from sudden bouts of heavy rainfall, forcing you to stay inside with nothing to do. In my latest lifestyle article, I will help you transform your living space into an entertainment hub to keep that boredom at bay.

Paid Subscriptions, are they worth it?

A whole heap of different companies offer a world of movies and TV shows – Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and many more! With one of those streaming services bought and paid for, you will be entertained for hours, and all you need to do is provide the popcorn!

Free Alternatives

If your wallet has been hit hard and you are on a tight budget (even your wardrobe can be hit by the crunch), check out the likes of YouTube and Crackle, which offer an abundance of free options. You may have to suffer through some adverts, but this is an acceptable claus when getting stuff for free!

Browsing The World From Your Sofa With VPN

If you want to check out different shows and films from around the world yet want to stay firmly seated on your living room couch, then a VPN for iPhone is the best way to open the vault. You can connect to pretty much everywhere – UK, Japan and the USA are the top choices. However, remember to shop around for the best VPN, as not all are created equal, and you don’t want to spend more time buffering than actually watching.

Console Gaming Vs PC Gaming

There has always been a console war, from the early days of Nintendo (check out my custom SNES Tetris Attack Necklace here) and Sega in the 90s to now, when the battle is heavy between Sony and Microsoft, but even so many opt to use a high-powered PC for their gaming needs – which camp are you in?

Mobile Gaming On The Go

Once upon a time, your mobile phone was for calls and texting – these days, it is a massive multimedia system with a never-ending stream of mobile games to play! Waiting for a bus, taxi or even an appointment, whip out your smartphone and get gaming!

Upgrade To A Home Cinema

Watch your favourite films with a big-screen TV, surround sound and comfy chairs – you’ll never need to venture out to the cinema again!

Virtual Movie Night With Friends

Log into Zoom or Teleparty so you can watch movies with friends and loved ones, even if they live miles away (or even in another country entirely!) – remember not to talk during the important scenes!

Multiplayer Gaming

Online gaming has been massive in the last few years, from Call Of Duty to FIFA and everything in between – showcase your skill to those worldwide!

Relax With An Audiobook

After all that movie-watching and gaming, sometimes you want to sit down and chill. Once upon a time, books served this purpose, but in our modern world, you can now choose to listen to a variety of Audiobooks – allowing you to close your eyes and be sucked into that imaginary world. Almost every genre you can imagine is available on platforms such as Audile, so select your favourite thriller or rom-com and sit back and enjoy.

Boost Your Culinary Skills

Why not spend your time at home by upgrading your cooking prowess? Tune into YouTube or food blog cooking channels offering step-by-step guides to create a delicious new dish! This activity will take much more input from yourself, but at least you will get a (hopefully) tasty meal at the end!

What are your thoughts on my top tips to keep yourself entertained while stuck at home? Will you use some of them to see you through those rainy days stuck inside? Let me know in the comments section below.


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