How To Achieve A Tailored Look While Maintaining A Fit Physique

How To Achieve A Tailored Look While Maintaining a Fit Physique

One of the key factors in dressing well is wearing clothes that fit and flatter your body type; in my latest article, I offer suggestions on achieving this if you are a fitness lover. Continue reading to find out more.

If you are a regular gym-goer, you may find it difficult to get clothes that fit well, which is crucial for self-confidence. Bodies can come in all shapes and sizes, particularly if you follow a fitness regime – muscular upper body, slimmer torso, or even an overall athletic build.

In this section, I will help you to dress well depending on your body type.

Know Your Body Type

Body types can vary wildly and have different shapes, such as the classic gym inverted triangle, or if you are bulking, look more rectangular. Once you know your body type, you can quickly determine the best clothes for your frame, from slimmer cuts to looser fits for easier mobility.

Finding Clothes That Appeal To Your Body Type

In the current age, many brands aim their marketing at those who are fitness-focused and, as such, will fit if you are a gym buff, cardio fan, or sports lover – even well-known retailers such as ASOS or River Island offer muscle-fit T-shirts and knitwear.

Tailoring Your Clothing

If you are a businessman or office worker, yet also hit the gym, acquiring well-fitting clothing can be much more challenging (whereas sportswear is much simpler), so you may need to pay a little more to get your dress shirts and trousers altered by a tailor. If money is no object, then get a bespoke suit made just for you using your measurements.

Maintaining Your Body Type

Once you have found out your body shape, it is essential to maintain this size – otherwise, you will need to either alter your clothes or even purchase a whole new wardrobe. We are only human, so it is natural for your body shape to change over time; however, if you keep exercising, you can keep your desired body shape (working out to lose excess weight or bulking up).

Changing Your Diet To Maintain Body Type

Eating correctly is the most important factor in maintaining your body shape. A steady intake of protein, carbs, and fats is essential, but a good meal replacement can have all the nutrients your body needs; plus, they are a convenient timesaver, which will help you maintain your body type effectively.


Looking stylish with a tailored wardrobe can do wonders for your self-esteem. To create this effect, you must always buy clothes that flatter your body shape or can be adjusted for that perfect silhouette. With these tips at hand, you will be well-prepared to look your best at all times.


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