Dressing For Success With Men’s Shirts

Dressing For Success With Men’s Shirts

In men’s fashion, shirts are one of the most versatile and timeless items you can include in your wardrobe. In my new style blog article, I will discuss how you can dress for success using the humble button-up.

Shirts can be worn at almost any event, from a formal occasion to a casual gathering with friends; a classic button-up can define a man’s overall style with ease. Shirts are available in almost endless colours, patterns, materials, and designs, and using them as a key piece in your outfit will allow you to make a significant lasting impression, ensuring you will enter a room exuding sophistication and confidence.

Choosing A Shirt Style That Works For You

When it comes to shirts for men, there will always be a style that calls out to your liking. You could opt for the classic Oxford button-down or the very formal dress variety shirt; alternatively, upgrade your casual ensembles with a polo or Henley shirt. No matter what you decide on, remember to select something that compliments your body type and the items already in your wardrobe.

Dress shirts are the best way to complete that formal outfit, worn underneath a three-piece suit to a wedding or even an important business meeting for the ultimate polished look – typically crafted using crisp quality fabrics such as cotton or linen, complete with a stiff collar and double cuffs (ideal if you have a pair of flashy cufflinks).

Despite the name, casual shirts have their place in a modern man’s collection, allowing you to express a sporty appearance yet still look fashionable – traditionally made using softer, breathable materials such as smooth cotton or even slinky jersey fabric. You can pair this type of top with various leg-wear clothing such as jeans, chinos, or even a pair of smart shorts if the weather is good!

Choosing Your Shirt Fabric And Fit

Once you have your mind set on adding a new selection of shirts, next up is choosing your fabrics. If your daily life requires a shirt, it would be ideal to select a lightweight cotton style, the go-to material for regular wear – it can be long-lasting (if you purchase a quality premium product) but also breathable for the skin, especially after a long day in the office.

Alternatively, if you love the summer weather, grab a few linen pieces perfectly suited to those hotter days and evenings. They may attract those unwanted creases, but linen has the good fortune of making that carefree look chic.

Finally, we have luxurious silk, which can elevate an otherwise standard outfit to look sensational thanks to its beautiful appearance and soft-to-the-touch feel.

Next up, we need to decide what type of fit you require – regular for extra manoeuvrability and comfort, slim fit for a more modern image with a sleek silhouette, or even custom-tailored and built around your unique body shape (ensuring the best possible fit). If you go down the bespoke route, you can alter almost everything – sleeve length, collar size, shirt length, and even button style.

Discovering Trends And Future Styles

Fashion is always evolving, with shirt styles constantly chopping and changing depending on what is currently in vogue. Many of the new upcoming designers are continually experimenting with new techniques, fabrics, and different cuts to set them apart from the crowd. Meanwhile, sustainability and ethical practices are currently the big thing in the fashion world (and almost every other market right now), and many brands are making sure to be eco-friendly.

However, despite all this, the classic men’s shirt will almost always be the ultimate versatile and timeless garment that can be adapted to any occasion you can throw at it – the beauty of men’s shirts lies in their ability to make a statement without overshadowing the wearer.

With this new knowledge under your belt, you can rock those shirts to any upcoming event you have planned and turn some heads. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on my newest article in the comments area below.


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