How To Merge Your Style With Pet-Friendly Living

How To Merge Your Style With Pet-Friendly Living

For animal lovers who are fashion fans, it can be challenging to incorporate style into the home decor while also mindful of our furry friends – in my latest article, I offer a few suggestions on overcoming this task.

Modern gents not only want to dress well but also have a home they are proud of – if you are a pet owner, it is imperative to find a balance between maintaining beautiful living quarters that are comfortable and inviting for your animals. It can take some prior planning but can be achieved with some thought and invoke the same sense of style we are accustomed to.

Figuring Out Your Design Identity

Take some time to discover your interior design identity, your home decor preference will be the base building blocks you will need before you add pet furniture. Many different home pieces are available that will suit any home decor, from minimalistic designs to classic or contemporary.

Pet furniture can be stylish, with many brands ensuring that they are more than utilities and can even enhance the ambience of your home, even matching your existing furniture choices. You could even select some excellent pet outfits that match your style, ideal for your next fashion shoots!

Cat Trees, Elegant Dog Beds And Crate Solutions

Cat trees are great for keeping your feline companions happy and entertained, but finding a suitable one that complements your interior is difficult! Fortunately, many retailers offer a selection of cat trees that are stylish to look at (instead of the traditional fluffy variety!).

To keep your dog comfy, you can now find incredibly elegant, elevated and luxurious dog beds and crate solutions that will suit your gentlemen’s pad – ranging from wooden designs to more rustic industrial metal frames. You could even select matching furniture with your pets, so you can both be stylish together at home.

Dual-purpose And Interactive Spaces

The popularity of pet furniture has ensured that many manufacturers have upped their game and now offer pieces that cater to both your needs and are comfortable for your pets too. For example, you can purchase a fashionable ottoman with hidden pet compartments or functional side tables with a cosy pet den.

For guys who are handy with a hammer, consider custom-DIY work to create something unique for your pets, showing your dedication to your tiny friends (also making for conversation starters at your next dinner party).

Additionally, check out indoor playgrounds that will keep your pets busy and active but will also fit in with your home without compromising your style. You can choose from a number of options, including wall-mounted shelving or even modular systems. If you want to look for something that is not the norm, creative platforms such as Etsy can offer superb unique designs (or even find a member to commission one).

If you have pets at home, using my latest suggestions will help you furnish your home and keep your pets happy too! Let me know your opinion on my latest article; I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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