A Closer Look At The Realities Of The Fashion World

A Closer Look At The Realities Of The Fashion World

The fashion world is undoubtedly a glamorous industry, at least from the outside. In my latest blog article, I will look at a few key points that show what it is like behind the scenes. Carry on reading to find out the gossip!

From afar, the fashion industry looks to be a fascinating life! Catwalk trends, popular culture, and social media buzz are all wrapped up with some truly beautiful clothes! Businesses comprise of many designers, marketers, sales execs, buyers, garment creators, and many more (far too many to list).

Big business in the trade has taken over in recent years, and fast fashion has become very popular (thanks to how much money it can make!), yet this has impacted numerous people and the environment. Many garment makers worldwide are subjected to extremely poor pay and working conditions, pollution is increasing in our rivers, and many of the earth’s resources are being heavily depleted.

The Power Of Visuals

Thanks to the launch of social media platforms, the fashion world has reached many more people, notably due to the rise of influencers and trends that go viral, often being more valuable to brands than the iconic catwalk.

Even small or upcoming designers now have a way to showcase their designs to the world at large. Prior, it was a challenging industry to break into (often a closed-knit industry, where many young designers were shunned).

The Future Of The Fashion Industry

In the last few years, sustainability has increased, and pretty much all clothing brands have taken it on board (criticised more than many other workplaces). Eco-Conscious practices will be required across the whole of the supply chain and for better working environments for many of the staff (especially in the factories abroad). New designers have to go in strong with this practice to get a foothold in the industry.

What Are The Risks Involved With The Fashion Industry?

Brand reputations can be irreparably destroyed within seconds thanks to fast news and even social media feeds; it is essential they keep track of everything they do (and even what their representatives are creating/saying/posting).

When the world is in an economic slump (which we are in, thanks to the pandemic), many people will forgo purchasing high-priced fashion pieces, which can put a strain on profits (although designer outlets can offer an alternative!).

As mentioned above, if a clothing company fails to adapt to upholding sustainability, it can be hit hard and called out in the media. There have even been many reports of poor worker welfare throughout the supply chains across the globe, as well as in the UK.

Garment workers who live in the UK at least can make personal injury claims where their employers have been negligent (if eligible), especially if they have been exposed to chemicals or dangerous machinery. Fortunately, we now live in a time when better regulations are in place, providing product and machinery safety thanks to better labelling and training.

Understanding The Consumer

As time passes, it is crucial that brands try and listen to their consumers, including their shopping behaviour and overall demographics. Technology has allowed advancements in this regard, offering data analytics and artificial intelligence that can calculate upcoming trends via digital marketing reports. 3D printing is another hot trend, allowing items to be created quickly and efficiently to jump onto current popular trends.

What do you think of these insights into the inner workings of the fashion world? Would you like more similar articles on my men’s fashion site? Please tell me in the comments section or through email or social media.


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