How To Plan For A Fashionable Event

How To Plan For A Fashionable Event

Those massive events based around the fashion world are exciting and fun – when you receive that invite to a big bash in the city, a trip abroad or even a local party, it is undoubtedly something to look forward to. In my newest article, I offer tips and insights into how to plan for these events so they run as smoothly as possible. Carry on reading to find out more.

Lovers of all things fashion live for these events, allowing their creative juices to flow when choosing what to wear. Eve and I attended a London Bafta Nominees Party a couple of years ago; it was an amazing experience, and we got to rub shoulders with a wide variety of celebs! In the following points, I will offer my insights into how to plan for these big events effectively.

Choose Your Outfit

The singularly most important factor in attending a fashionable event is your chosen outfit. You certainly need to look the part, stand out from the other guests, and also ensure you do not cause any fashion faux pars! (which can definitely be a massive catastrophe!). First, you need to determine what type of event is being held – is it a daytime affair with a more relaxed dress code, or is it an evening get-together with a more formal setting? These are important factors you need to consider before even selecting your outfit. For a guy, always aim for a smarter look (even if it has a casual vibe), so clean loafers and a blazer are always great choices. If you want to go all the way, rock out in a full three-piece suit to turn those heads!

Place To Stay

Often, these massive fashionable events will be further afield (typically, many brands and hosts select London as it is the capital); as such, you will likely need to spend the night in the city. After all, you may fall out of the event in the early hours and have no means to return home. Plan for this eventuality, and choose somewhere to stay beforehand, such as a lovely hotel or even a fancy apartment – I recommend somewhere relatively close to the party, so there is not too far to travel before and after the event.


If, as discussed, the event is quite a distance from your home, you must plan your travel in advance to save any last-minute stresses and price hikes (especially if you opt for train travel). Check out some of the deal apps, such as Trainline (which I use regularly), as they allow you to split the price of your tickets, saving a lot of money in the process.

Sharing Your Stories Of The Event

If you are invited to these big affairs, there is a good chance you have some online presence (such as social media or even a blog), and you will no doubt want to report back to your readers about the evening, the food and drink available, and even the other guests. Use that long journey time to your advantage and start writing on the train ride home (while everything is quite fresh in your mind), ready to post on your style blog.

Alternatively, if you are a fashion student and looking to achieve a career in this illustrious industry, you could choose to incorporate the event in your coursework and use an online dissertation writing services system so that it will read like a professional article (wowing your tutor with your writing skills and your insider knowledge of these big fashionable events!).

The Next Big Event

Once you are back home, the next step is to plan accordingly for that next big affair just around the corner! Chances are, once you’ve been to one, your name will be shared, and you will get an abundance of new invites in the coming days, weeks, and months! So get to work and choose your next fantastic-looking ensemble to showcase your inner personal style.


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