Top Fitness Tips To Improve Your Workouts

Top Fitness Tips To Improve Your Workouts

Have you recently caught the fitness bug, yet find your current workout regime is not producing the results you are looking for? Then check out my latest article, in which I suggest a selection of ways to level up your workout journey. Carry on reading for more.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of fitness or a veteran at the gym, sometimes you need to totally overhaul your exercise plan by optimising your workouts to hit your goals effectively. In the following section, I will offer tips to produce better results during your sessions.

Use Good Equipment

No matter what type of fitness you are interested in – lifting weights, body weight exercises, or cardio sessions. It is imperative to have the right tools for the job, do your research and hunt out experts in the field, such as at, who can tailor the correct gear for your goals. Having quality equipment is important not only for performance but also to defend against injuries.

Practice Proper Form

Every dedicated gym buff will tell you the importance of proper form (yet many still need to adhere to their own advice!). Check out videos online and even diagrams to target the right muscles for each exercise (such as when using home adjustable dumbbells). Learn the proper technique at a lower weight before you fall into the trap of bad habits as your weight increases.

  • Positives of proper form – essential for maximising the effectiveness of your workouts and preventing injuries. You will hit the correct sections of each muscle group, ensuring better results in growth and strength.
  • Negatives of poor form – bad form can lead to muscle strains, joint pain and even long-term issues that can hinder your process and, worse, cause damage to your body and even bones.
  • Seek help – ask a certified personal trainer or fitness instructor for guidance on the correct form. Alternatively, do your research online with videos and guides.
  • Practice mindfulness – be aware of your body and surroundings during your workouts. This will allow you to focus and maintain proper form during each set and rep. 

Changing Up Your Workout

Over time, your body will become accustomed to your workouts, so it is vital to mix it up every once in a while. This will continue to challenge your muscles and prevent plateaus, which can slow down your progress. Blend different styles of strength training, cardio, and even flexibility into your routine, keeping it interesting and fun (after all, doing the same thing over and over will cause burnout from boredom).

Stay Hydrated And Consume Nutrients

Make sure to drink plenty of water before, after, and especially during your workout. Likewise, you must constantly feed your body the nutrients it needs for muscle growth and increased energy with protein and carbohydrates.

Benefits Of Water

An intake of water during exercise allows your body to maintain electrolyte balance and muscle function. If you suffer from dehydration, you run the risk of cramping, fatigue and even a reduced endurance level.  Make an effort to sip water regularly during your workout sessions, or even invest in electrolyte-rich drinks that are readily available on the market now, that aim to allow you to work out longer at a stronger intensity and even replenish potassium and sodium lost through sweat.

Nutrition Timing

Food is essential if you are serious about your workouts – eat balanced meals that contain carbohydrates and proteins between 1-3 hours before heading to the gym. Carbs will provide necessary energy benefits for your body, while protein is key to muscle growth and repair. You could even opt for a protein powder to drink at the end of each workout, giving your body an instant kick of nutrients (do your research and find out top brands in the market, such as MyProtein or PHD).

Avoid Common Mistakes

Keep yourself clear of fatty foods and sugary drinks before your workouts, which can lead to discomfort and feeling sluggish (negatively impact your fitness sessions). Instead, keep it healthy by selecting foods that digest easily, like bananas, whole-grain breads and yoghurts. You can also experiment in this department, finding out what works best for your body.

Rest And Recuperate

Make sure to opt for a rest and recovery process after a tough workout. This is essential (yet often overlooked) to allow your muscles time to recover, protecting against burning out and even risks of injury. You should aim for 7-8 hours of quality undisturbed sleep each night.

Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of your workouts and progress – plenty of technological methods such as smartphone apps allow you to note your weight amounts and repetitions. Alternatively, go old-school work with a simple pen and a journal.


Adding these top tips to your workout routine will allow you to enhance and boost your fitness journey. You will soon be hitting your target marker and on the road to becoming a much improved you, both physically and mentally. You will look good, and your self-confidence will be at an all-time high. Let me know if you will use any of my tips during your next workout sessions.


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