Morrama Angle Razor Kit Review

Morrama Angle Razor Kit Review

Shaving is an important, regular ritual for men worldwide; because of this irrefutable fact, you may as well do it in style – the Angle Razor Kit from Morrama does this in spades; find out more in my latest review.

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The Morrama brand prides itself on a fantastic work ethic and pushing for sustainability with its design process and final products. This ethos rings true with their world-class shaving kit – the Angle Razor.

Style & Design

The design of the Angle Razor is instantly impressive, a treat for the eyes. Ultra minimal with an all-black design (or white, if you choose the alternative colour scheme). It certainly has a modern feel and would not look out of place even in a futuristic movie or series. The accompanying brush and bowl are striking to the senses and simple in creation, but this just adds to the appeal, complementing together with the shaving tool.


After the high-quality visual appeal of the kit, it is no surprise that the quality slips into this category too. The razor uses a combination of aluminium and brass for the body and pins. The brush features a cruelty-free knot, and the handle and the bowl are also crafted using sturdy aluminium. Overall, the whole kit, including the sleek all-black packaging, oozes class (even GQ rated the Angle Razor higher than both Gillette and Harry’s in their 2018 Grooming shortlist).

Ease Of Use

When it comes to using the Angle Razor, you will have nothing to worry about during the shaving process. The sharp blade ensures a close shave while adhering to high comfortability standards. The brush is soft to the touch, and lathering cream onto your skin is a joy. Once again, top marks in this section.

Value For Money

The RRP of the Angle Razor Kit is undoubtedly high; however, if you consider the quality at hand, the smooth and close shave you receive, and not to mention the beautiful looks on display, the cost is more than justified.


After experiencing the razor for a short time, I was convinced of the upgrade from my basic shaving set-up. If you are looking for a new grooming accessory that ticks all the boxes and sits pretty in the bathroom, then take a look at the Angle Razor Kit From Morrama—highly recommended.

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*Partnership with Morrama / Opinions are my own.


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