How To Style A Linen Top And Shorts With Thread

How To Style A Linen Top And Shorts With Thread

Linen is that fantastic go-to fabric of choice when the hot weather hits. Tops, shirts and shorts are the order of the day to keep yourself cool. In my latest post, I’ve picked out a few pieces from Thread to get the perfect summer style.

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Thread offers a unique online experience; once you sign up, you select a few different looks, price points and sizes, and they suggest items that will fit your personal style using an internal algorithm. This process is not just a one-time deal; as the days and weeks progress, more and more items are selected for you and sent via email straight into your inbox!


For my first venture into the Thread For Men world, I selected a few pieces ideal for the upcoming summer months. Linen was my first point of call, and I quickly zoned in on the Hartford tan linen half-button shirt. I paired the top with looser-fitting beige shorts from Moss Bros (also made from linen), and finally, I picked out a pair of classic taupe espadrilles from timeless brand Castaner.

I opted for colours suitable for the season, such as tans, beiges and taupes, which are especially complimentary when the fabric choice is lightweight linen.

I, of course, accessorised my outfit further with a pair of aviator sunglasses and a selection of jewellery pieces consisting of bracelets, cuffs, rings and a Swiss automatic watch.

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I wanted that touch of extra warmth to my photos, so I headed out at 5 am (with my Dad in toe) to catch some golden hour shots in the Birmingham area before it got too hectic! We headed to the local park, typically busy and bustling, but at those early hours, it was almost deserted, ideal for this type of photography.

What are your thoughts on my latest look? And the Thread online shopping system too? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section or via email.

*Partnership with Thread / Opinions are my own.


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