Father’s Day 2023 Outfit Ideas With Double Two

Father’s Day 2023 Outfit Ideas With Double Two

As Father’s Day 2023 is just around the corner, it is time to plan how you will treat your Dad! In my latest fashion blog post, I will showcase a shirt and tie look from Double Two, so you can look great together on that special day and undoubtedly turn heads.

Father’s Day is one of the most important landmarks of the year (not forgetting Mother’s Day, of course!), allowing you to celebrate the man who looked after you since birth and show him how much he means to you. Along with the greeting card and gift, taking him out for a meal or even a day out somewhere can create unforgettable memories. No matter what you decide, your clothing choices are crucial too – you can easily wear your regular casual clothes, or instead, why not up your game with a chic shirt and tie number (especially if you both match)?

Thanks to the massive range of formalwear offered by Double Two (I’m still in love with my holiday shirt look from last year), a Father and Son matching outfit goal is particularly easy to achieve  – Dad and I opted for slim-fit blue shirts and matching navy ties for a striking summer ensemble.

We both rolled our sleeves for a slightly more casual appearance, bolstered by washed black denim jeans and a leather belt. Accessories completed our outfits with a selection of rings and bracelets, and we each wore an automatic watch (Omega for me, Tag Heuer for Dad).

Here are additional details about each shirt –

Double Two Tailored Fit Blue Herringbone Weave Formal Shirt

Bathed in a beautiful deep blue with matching buttons and offering a subtle textured feel, this tailored shirt is perfect for both casual occasions and formal events (or a mix of both!). Additionally, the shirt incorporates a solid structure with a classic collar and darted back, ensuring a great fit.

Double Two Tailored Fit Blue Fine Striped Formal Shirt

At first glance, this shirt looks similar to the model I am wearing, yet it offers a few key differences – fine stripes throughout is the order of the day, nothing too bold but just enough to add some depth to the overall style. As with all Double Two shirts, this item features the same great cut, fit and detailing that makes for an excellent wardrobe addition.

Double Two Navy Tie

We both selected the same Navy Tie, that touch of dark navy popping out from the lighter blue of our shirts. The glossy and soft fabric is used throughout the tie’s construction, which also features an exceedingly soft asymmetric stripe design.

If you are looking for that perfect Father and Son matching outfit combo, check out Double Two – their collection offers top-quality pieces yet at very reasonable prices that won’t break the bank!

What did you think of my latest fashion article? Would you like to see more content with me and Dad? Please let me know in the comments section below.

*Partnership with DoubleTwo / Opinions are my own.


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