American Heritage Shirts Review

American Heritage Shirts Review

Shirts are essential in every fashionable man’s wardrobe, yet often choice is limited to the same basic styles. Fortunately, American Heritage aims to change this with a selection of stunning designs that will brighten up any outfit ensemble. In my latest fashion blog post review, I will check out some items from their latest collection – continue reading to find out more.

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American Heritage is a new brand on the market, and already they are causing a stir amongst fashionistas with their stunning range of shirts, polos and Gilets (vests) already available. It is already apparent this is only the beginning, and an even more extensive assortment of pieces is planned over the next few months. So keep a keen eye on their store and social pages!

Style & Design

The American Heritage brand offers a wide selection of different styles on their site, and the range is continuously updated to reflect the current seasons and trends. From bright and bold colours, checks, stripes and plain formal shirts, almost everything is on offer! For my review, I picked out a selection of different styles to get a good overall feel for the brand, which are listed here –

Blue Diamonds & Aquamarine Swirls Shirt

First out of the gate is a gorgeous teal-coloured shirt that features a diamond monogram design across the fabric in contrasting blue – a perfect style for that upcoming holiday by the sea, ready for that evening beach stroll.

Orange & White Check Shirt

If you want to create a stir, this popping orange number will be just the ticket! – rocking that bold style will undoubtedly get you noticed, no matter the occasion!

Dark Blue & White Check Shirt

This shirt lends itself to a classic look, which would be ideal for both formal events (such as the office) or at play (evening out with partner) to equally good applause.

The style of shirts on offer are timeless designs with a mix of button-down collars, chest pockets and classically styled cuffs depending on which items you choose – but no matter what you select, your wardrobe will be sure of an upgrade!


Regarding sizing, I chose my standard small size, which, as expected, gave me a great fit that suited my frame without being too loose or tight. To be sure, revert to a shirt sizing guide after taking your current measurements before placing your order; however, if you know your normal size, you should already be ready to roll!


As soon as you slip the shirts out of their packaging, you will be greeted with the high-fabrics used throughout – silky soft to the touch, which will drape elegantly from the body when worn. The construction, too, oozes a level of quality usually only reserved for designer brands, and the stitching is perfectly placed without any hint of a loose or frayed thread on display.

Value For Money

The price point is more than reasonable, especially when considering the quality on offer. I’ve always believed that you need to splash some cash to receive clothing that will last year for many seasons (if not years) to come, especially if you make sure to look after your new purchase by ensuring a good laundry routine and storing neatly.


It’s time to liven up your shirt collection, so what better way than with some new pieces from American Heritage – offering style, fit, and quality all in a striking and reasonably priced package! Check them out today!

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*Partnership with American Heritage / Opinions are my own.


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