How To Wear Monochrome In The Summer For Men

How To Wear Monochrome In The Summer For Men

Monochrome outfits are one of my favourite looks, the pairing of greys, whites and blacks work so effortlessly together that you can focus all of your attention on the individual items themselves. Throughout the summer months, colour will assault our senses with an unstoppable fury – oranges, yellows and pinks! In this sea of vibrancy, maybe take a stand and opt for a more muted colour palette! Read on for my take on this style idea!

As stated, clothing brands constantly push those bright colours towards their consumers, quite rightly as the vast majority of the population is attracted to vivid hues, especially in the summertime. Unfortunately, these types of colours don’t suit everyone, and many people dismiss them entirely; however, it is hard to fill your wardrobe with greys and blacks once the temperature heats up, most stores often hide them away till the Autumn season is upon us once more.

Many clothing stockists do still cater to those of us who prefer an understated appearance; you just have to hunt them out! High street stores, in particular, now offer a much broader variety of colourless T-Shirts, shirts and even shorts for the summer season. Footwear, of course, is much easier with white and grey sneakers offered all year round from nearly every fashion house and brand imaginable.

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For my monochrome summer outfit, I mostly opted for greys and whites (although blacks can work if done right). First up was a simple T-Shirt from Calvin Klein, manufactured using a very soft grey marl type of fabric, plain in design apart from their name emblazoned across the chest in a bold white font. I generally prefer unbranded clothing pieces, yet sometimes I like to mix it up, especially during the summer months. Topman ticked all the right boxes with these grey check stripe shorts, boasting a super lightweight fabric which is perfect for comfort in the upcoming hot weather. The stripes also add something unique to what would be an otherwise conventional pair of shorts.

I sought out my light grey New Era Baseball Cap to add even more neutrality to my outfit, I purchased this some years ago, and it has been an invaluable purchase. I tried to find it online recently (one of my readers was enquiring about it), and it is indeed tough to acquire now! However, you can quickly obtain a similar grey hat from other retailers (if you are happy to consider non-New Era options). I completed my look with a pair of Puma Ralph Sampson Sneakers, featuring a bold white leather exterior and a pop of grey with their iconic swoosh. Tremendously casual, they paired well with the rest of my otherwise grey summer combo.

I finished off the look for my men’s fashion blog with a few key accessories – Omega Seamaster (the silver, complementing the greys) and a Valentino Burgundy Bracelet for a tiny pop of colour (the darkest of reds happily sits alongside these shades come Autumn and Winter).


For this location, we headed to Cardiff in Wales, from there a short train ride to which we found this beautiful spot to take our shots, which incidentally was devoid of any member of the public. An invaluable bonus when we are trying to complete our photography work. Those with a keen eye will spot a couple of the images are from a different location; those were snapped shortly after alighting from the Cardiff train, just outside of the station.

What type of colours do you prefer in the summertime? Are you a fan of the bright and the bold, or do you sometimes rock muted tones too? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Dave
    July 12, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    Liking the subtle colours and the style too Adam, Summer does not necessarily have to be a byword for garish colours that scream at you and the shorts are of a flattering length, unlike the ghastly American board shorts, which are slowly but surely moving out of fashion at last, thank goodness!

    • Adam
      July 13, 2019 / 1:35 pm

      Happy to hear you like the more subtle colours for summer too Dave! Yes, some of those shorts can certainly be damaging to the senses!

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