5 Premium Designer Holdalls To Fill With Your Essentials

5 Premium Designer Holdalls To Fill With Your Essentials

I remember a time when all I needed when I left the house was my phone, bank card and maybe a watch. Those much simpler times seem to be long gone, stepping outside I undoubtedly bring a huge amount of items on my journey, particularly when we have to take photos for me mens fashion blog. I’m sure there are many others (I would hope it’s not just me!) in a similar situation, so I’ve set myself a goal of seeking out a suitable mens bag to fill with all my stuff and add to my clothing collection.

It was between a rucksack or a holdall, due to size restrictions of the former I opted for the later. The extra space a holdall provides would prove to be invaluable, as I’m in need of something which can fit all of my necessities without any issues. Additionally they can be slung over the shoulder if necessary, freeing up both hands for my next bout of social media interaction on my phone! Deciding which type of bag is only half the battle, the most difficult part is choosing which design from the army of thousands available. I made the decision to narrow down the playing field by aiming for a premium holdall, more of an investment piece which will last me years, rather than a throw away bag which will barely see me into the new year.

After spending what felt like a substantial amount of time, I’ve narrowed the list down to my favourite 5 pieces! At the top of the list we have the classic Louis Vuitton holdall which has a timeless factor and will be permanently on trend. MCM bags have also made the cut, being a long time fan of their iconic tan colour combined with the subtle monogramming effect! Next up we have a star spangled Givenchy bag, boasting a unique shape but also boasting plenty of internal space. Uri Minkoff is a brand that has recently caught my attention with its quality of bags in their collection. I’ve known of their women’s line (Rebecca Minkoff) for a number of years now and it appears the men’s range is no less spectacular! So I felt justified to include the brand in my backpacks shortlist. Bringing up the rear, we have a holdall from one of my favourite brands – Gucci. My chosen item from the luxury Italian brand features their always effective monogram pattern with contrasting green and red panelling.

Out of the 5 premium holdalls on my hit list, each has its own pros and cons! It will surely be a very difficult decision to chose only one! Which would you choose? Or would you pick something else entirely? Please let me know in the comments below!

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere

MCM Visetos Large Monogram Print Holdall

Givenchy Nightingale Star Holdall

Uri Minkoff Wythe Weekender Holdall


Gucci GG Supreme Canvas And Leather Holdall


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