Gents Guide To Pairing A Watch And Bracelet Together

Gents Guide To Pairing A Watch And Bracelet Together

When putting together an outfit, the primary focus is undoubtedly clothing items such as jackets, tops, trousers, and footwear. However, the finer details, like accessories, are often overlooked, yet mixing jewellery with a stand-out timepiece can elevate your overall aesthetic. In my latest article, I go one step further and offer tips on how to pair your favourite watch with a bracelet. Continue reading to find out more.

Watches and bracelets are two items that easily complement each other, yet it is imperative to coordinate correctly to achieve that perfect visual effect.

The Importance Of Coordination

Watches and bracelets individually can offer a striking look on your wrist, especially during the summer when your arms are likely visible. Yet, when you pair both together, you can create a polished and sophisticated look. There are many elements to consider, such as metal types, textures, colours, and styles, that should complement each other to convey a fashionable accessory set that will complete that chic outfit you are wearing.
Additionally, you need to consider the potential damage to your watch strap (especially if it is an expensive Swiss model with a metal bracelet) that mismatched metals or loose charms can cause from a bracelet. Instead, opt for something crafted using fabric, such as durable watch straps by Horus that will last for many years (if looked after) and that can be paired with any wrist jewellery (cuff, bracelet, or rope style). Another critical point is that if you carelessly wear sharp or edged bracelets with your expensive watch, you can inadvertently cause damage that will devalue your prized possession.

Matching Colours

When choosing a watch for your collection, remember to take note of the different colours and finishes across its design so that you know it will seamlessly blend within your existing outfits and accessories. Timepieces are offered in almost endless metal shades, from silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold to a multitude of face colours (from plain white and black to the vibrancy of blues, reds, greens, and even pinks). Similarly, men’s bracelets come in even more hues and tints – yet, with a keen eye, you can find and match complementary colours to create a captivating and decorative wrist ornament.

Pairing matching metals together will look good and is a fail-safe option. However, if you dare to be risky, you can create a striking contrast with opposite metals such as gold and silver. If you focus on the smaller details (for example, a silver watch with gold accents), that could be mixed with jewellery pieces featuring a small amount of gold for a lovely harmonising touch.

Matching Styles & Textures

After you have carefully considered colour matching, the next step is successfully blending styles and textures, which can be challenging to the uninitiated. Casual silicone watches are ideal for those with an active lifestyle, yet they will be at odds with so-called tennis bracelets. On the flip side, a smart formal watch will easily pair with a well-crafted and understated metal bracelet. Alternatively, you could wear an ornately designed bracelet with a watch and an intricately designed face.

If your watch face features a complex design, such as a skeleton construction allowing you to see the inner workings, select a simple bracelet to ensure the duo is not too busy. Additionally, check that the bracelet and watch band width are similar in size and well-balanced for a more cohesive appearance. It is also vital to consider textures, such as a watch featuring brushed metal, which will pair well with a bracelet using the same brushed finish as opposed to a shiny design. If successful with your pairings, you will create a harmonious look that will upgrade your entire outfit ensemble.

Important Considerations

In this final section, I will note the importance of different factors to consider, such as not mismatching your expensive watch and bracelet to avoid scratches and damage, being mindful of the weather report in case your watch is unsuitable for a wet environment, and trying to avoid jewellery pieces with loose charms or beads that could interfere with reading and adjusting your timepiece effectively. Finally, be sure that you showcase both items equally to accentuate the visual effect you are looking to achieve.


After reading my latest article, you will be well prepared to style your watch and bracelet together, which will raise the game of your clothing choices, bringing everything together to showcase your unique individual style and taste to the world. What are your thoughts on my latest article? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below.


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