How To Style A Gentlebands Ring And Chain Combo

How To Style A Gentlebands Ring And Chain Combo

Gentlebands have upgraded their range by adding a selection of different chains into their collection, allowing you to wear your fantastic ring with pride around your neck. In my latest article, I will guide you through these amazing new pieces and offer advice on how to pair them with the correct ring, creating a striking accessory. Continue reading for more.

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I have featured Gentlebands in an earlier blog review, where I raved about the sheer variety they offer using many different materials – from dinosaur bone (ideal for those Jurassic Park fans!) to space-born meteorites!

Now, the team have raised the stakes further by incorporating chains into their range – currently, three models are available in two unique colourways (stainless steel silver or black).

Box Chain – sleek style for those wanting an elegant silhouette

I styled this classic-looking stainless steel chain with the steampunk-esque Aerosmith ring, which features a cog-style look and an actual working mechanism (you can twist it back and forth, allowing the wheels to spin and move). The ring is crafted from a stunning mix of 18K gold and tungsten.
The workmanship design of the ring, along with the chain, was the perfect match for my rustic outfit – a distressed knitted brown jumper, medium blue stonewash jeans and a tan baseball cap, which was a typical ensemble for a guy tinkering around in his workshop. Adding the chain allows you to do hardworking manual labour while keeping your new jewellery nice and safe around your neck.

Cuban Chain – bold sizing and design, ideal for those wanting to make a statement.

For the Cuban chain (in striking black steel), I opted for a ring that would truly stand out against the dark hue by selecting the bright and vibrant Starboy – the galaxy hues blended with meteorite, dinosaur bone and tungsten along with a touch of opal. I chose a more simple affair using a grey wool jumper so the sparkling colouring of the ring would pop against the fabric. I also added aviator sunglasses and a baseball cap for some additional features. The drop effect of the ring/necklace combo ensured it was the main focus point of the outfit (another bonus effect compared to wearing the ring on your fingers).

Wheat Chain – very shapely, something for fashionistas or those who want something more unusual than the standard.

For the elegant-looking wheat chain, I went again for a silver model and paired it with the exquisite Misty Forest ring – mixing modern tungsten and white elk antler bone and a strip of gold running in between (simply breathtaking). In terms of clothing choice, I picked out a distressed knitted white jumper (slightly oversized with longer sleeves), creating the perfect plain canvas to showcase the ring and chain package against my chest. I finished the ensemble with black denim, cool shades and a complementary beige linen baseball cap.

If you are looking to upgrade your jewellery collection and want to be able to showcase your beautiful Gentlebands rings to the masses, then grabbing one or more of their chains is a no-brainer – the three variations available, along with the vast array of ring choices, provides almost limitless combination opportunities. Not to mention that you can wear your rings proudly no matter the circumstance or task. If you want a great new gift idea for yourself or your loved one, check them out today!

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