New Era Baseball Cap Review

New Era Baseball Cap Review

In my latest review, I take a closer look at one of the most recognisable baseball cap brands – New Era. Read on to find out more.

Baseball Caps have been a part of fashion for well over a century, in that time very little has changed, but then why would it? Apart from a few design modifications in the 1940s, the caps of yesteryear would easily blend in with the huge selection available today. However, as with all things, some brands do things just a little better than others. When it comes to baseball caps, in my opinion, there is only one choice – New Era. I have tried many other brands over the years, similarly priced rivals and even designer pieces, yet time and again I will always revert back to one of my trusty New Era models.

Regular readers will verify that I wear caps regularly in my outfit posts, so I thought it was time to finally take a closer look at New Era Caps on my men’s fashion blog, so let us begin!

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New Era Baseball Caps are at the peak (pun intended!) of design, very few other brands who have dipped their toe into hat wear have come close to being a worthy opponent. The company is also a strong believer in consistency, each New Era cap boasts that same great shape and design with very little deviation from their core collection.

My overall favourite is the 9forty which has a sleeker and more streamlined curved visor compared to the other models in their huge roster, such as those which sport a flat visor. It is one of the more user-friendly models, each hat features an adjustable strap on the reverse, ensuring that it will fit almost all head shapes and sizes. My second choice is the 39thirty (usually for aesthetics as they invariably offer alternative colours to their 9forty brothers and sisters) which opt for a static size, complete with a solid fabric reverse. These models look overall more complete in structure, but you need to make sure you know your size!

Naturally, there are many other styles of headwear under the New Era umbrella, such as snapback straps or even mesh, but for the purpose of this review, I am primarily focusing on the 9forty and 39thirty.


Whichever style you choose, you can be certain there will be a massive abundance of different colourways and designs for you to pick from! For the main image, I have included a variety of different variations to get a broad idea of the options available.

New Era’s number one market is undoubtedly baseball fans, with a unique cap available for each of the top American teams, allowing fans to proudly show their support wherever they go! For the rest of the world, deciding on a new purchase is usually based on which design you like best. The most obvious choice for the non-sports fan is typically the classic New York Yankees (NY Logo) variant as it generally has the largest amount of colourways available.

In recent years New Era made the decision to not just pigeonhole themselves into the sports market, now offering a variety of plain coloured caps as well as more fun designs such as comic book characters or their logos.

Wearability & Comfort

I believe we are in the midst of a new heyday in fashion, compared to previous decades when trends would come and go, these days pretty much anything that looks good is acceptable

We are currently in the midst of a new heyday in fashion, with less importance on trends and more focus on what looks good with an outfit. This rings particularly true for accessories, the continued rise and popularity of street style has allowed the humble baseball cap to be an important addition to many casual and urban looks. Browsing social media you will be inundated with endless bloggers, influencers and TV stars rocking a New Era baseball cap with their latest ensemble.

When it comes to comfort, there is no question that their hats rank very highly (particularly the 9forty which can be adjusted on the fly) and you can safely wear it all day long and totally forget it’s on your head. Unfortunately you will be more than likely to suffer the effects of ‘hat hair’ when you finally remove it, but this is a small price to pay for a sleek and comfortable fit.

Value For Money

New Era caps are aimed at the average guy’s on the street, as such their retail price matches that demographics expendable income and is very reasonable compared to many of their rivals (after all, we are not reviewing a Gucci cap). One of my favourite stores to grab the latest releases is Peak Nation. Their prices are ridiculously competitive and they are always offering new deals and discounts, check them out!


In summary, this review was only going to go one way! After all, I have faithfully been wearing New Era caps for years and I am a massive fan of their designs, style and fit. For me, there is no other choice when it comes to baseball caps.

What do you think of my latest review, is New Era your favourite baseball cap brand? Please let me know in the comments below!

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