Gentlebands Rings Review

Gentlebands Rings Review

Rings for men are something that adds the finishing touch to an outfit, allowing you to add that extra touch of personality by using fantastic materials and a pop of colour; with this in mind, my latest men’s style blog post review will be featuring a selection of pieces from Gentlebands – continue reading to find out more.

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Gentlebands launched back in 2017 with the goal of creating rings that offer some truly unique materials instead of the same tired components that have not changed in decades. From dinosaur fossils from that bygone era, retired spacecraft titanium to meteorites that have travelled the galaxy, there is no end to the fabulous elements on offer from Gentlebands.

Each ring is handmade by talented artisans based in a family-run workshop using the best equipment and skills honed to perfection. Additionally, they have established procedures to ensure ethical and sustainable practices – even the wood and bone materials adhere to this belief, using only recycled and reclaimed materials.

For the purpose of my review, I selected four different styles to get a complete picture of the brand’s collection.

Style & Design

As soon as I unboxed the parcel, I was wowed with the quality of each ring, it would only do the brand justice be focusing on each individual piece in this section of the review.

The Starboy

This particular ring is my favourite, that pop of different colours of blues, purples, greens and more, thanks to a mix of opal gemstones paired with tungsten, dinosaur bone (just in time for the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park) and meteorite. Each part sits against a silver band, making for something truly eye-catching.

The Griffin

Next up, we have the striking combination of tungsten, tiger’s eye and a pop of vibrant red opal. This mix of different materials makes for a truly magnificent piece.

The Hill

Pairing tungsten and Meteorite dust (Muonionalusta) with a domed finish and completed with red opal and 18k golden wire give this ring a beautiful finish. This classic, timeless-looking design is definitely something you can pass down through generations. Incidentally, this ring features a personal engraving (available on any of their products) inside the band – my business name, “Your Average Guy Style”.

The Planet

Finally, we have the dark and moody fusing of ceramic and glow powder-infused meteorite with a shiny black finish. The arrangement is completed with an 18k white golden wire, and the aforementioned glow is visible in red, aqua or white.


Rings can complete any ensemble, and my chosen selection can brighten up even the most bland of clothing choices (even the typical office attire of a shirt and tie can have its game raised). Casual events or formal occasions will benefit from the pop of colour these rings will bring (special mention will go to the Starboy ring, whose mix of beautiful colours will make you the talk of the day or evening).

You can even slip on your favourite ring at a multitude of otherwise unsuitable events, even that important business meeting! (it may even allow you to seal the deal quicker!)


Each ring is individually packaged in a metal tin surrounded by a slip sleeve. Inside, you will find two cards: a branded card (with gold foil printing) and a ‘certificate of craftsmanship’ detailing the creation date and personally signed by the talented forger – This adds to the allure of the brand, the finishing touches to a fantastic product.

Value For Money

I have said you pay for what you get many times, especially when purchasing jewellery pieces. The range from Gentlebands is undoubtedly in the higher price bracket; however, when you tally up everything, including the unique designs, unconventional materials and undeniable quality – this is more than justified.

Additionally, with my exclusive code, you will get an incredible 25% off your order – youraverageguystyle


This assortment of rings is nothing short of astounding; with such a beautiful array of pieces available, you will have no trouble sourcing the ring that calls out to you. Whether you want to add to your jewellery collection, a gift for a loved one or the perfect wedding band, you need to check out Gentlebands, and you will not be disappointed. Check them out now!

What are your thoughts on this range of exquisite jewellery pieces? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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*Partnership with Gentlebands / Opinions are my own.


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