Marco Dal Maso Link Jewellery Collection Review

Marco Dal Maso Link Jewellery Collection Review

Jewellery is essential in making the final touches to any outfit; nonetheless, we often only have limited options available – what if you could create unique pieces that showcase your personal style and taste? Enter the Marco Dal Maso Link collection, which I will feature in my latest blog post review.

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Designer Marco Dal Maso launched his jewellery brand in 2011 after many years of learning expert techniques in craftsmanship from his father when growing up. His products are all hand-crafted by expert Italian artisans in Vicenza, ensuring the quality of excellence runs through everything on offer.

Each of his collections boasts an edgy design which borders on an almost rebellious feel. Materials include silver and gold (100% recycled, covering the sustainability factor) with various gems and stones acquired from trusted partners who can guarantee they are from conflict-free zones, in turn protecting their workers.

Marco Dal Maso’s collection is stocked in over 100 stores worldwide, including household names such as Harrods and Neiman Marcus.

In the following review, I will be checking out a variety of different pieces from the new Link collection –

Style & Design

The style of the Marco Dal Maso Link collection is timeless with a modern twist, featuring a darker, almost vintage-looking silver base complemented with pops of colour. The chains can be worn alone, completing any outfit, yet when bolstered with the range of gems and beads will make for a truly stand-out accessory.

The idea behind the Link range is that you can easily create something unique for yourself (or, more importantly, as a gift for a loved one or partner) that can be cherished forever, especially in the knowledge that it was hand-picked and then connected together by your own hand.

Additionally, if you ever want to mix it up, you can easily unclasp each section again and make something new and fresh on the fly – truly a premium mix-and-match conception.


You can seamlessly inject these custom jewellery pieces into any outfit ensemble – subtly using the standard silver chains or adding a splash of vibrancy by adding one of the colourful gems (if the occasion calls for it). You can easily wear them to a casual event or dressed up with a smarter look for a formal affair such as an important dinner, wedding or party.

Value For Money

When it comes to fashionable accessories, especially jewellery, it is imperative that you put aside a higher-than-normal budget – silvers, golds and gems are notoriously high-priced. However, despite this, the Link collection can be obtained as singular products combined to create your custom pieces. As such, the cost has dropped significantly, allowing almost everyone to access this fantastic collection.


The Link collection arrives in beautifully packaged solid black boxes with the brand name effectively across the top. A soft touch laminated finish has been applied, and the inside features a velvet-style material for that extra touch of finesse. The smaller boxes include a protective dust bag, yet the larger boxes hold each item in place using a cut-out section.


If you are interested in stylish jewellery pieces with a modern twist, available at a very reasonable price point and easily customisable to your own taste, then head straight to Marco Dal Maso and their Link collection – you will not be disappointed.

Do you like the look of this new jewellery range? Does the customisable factor align with your aesthetic goals? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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*Partnership with Marco Dal Maso / Opinions are my own.


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