Oak & Rove Kennedy Weekender Review

Oak & Rove Kennedy Weekender Review

Travel is one of the few ways we can truly be free; visiting all sorts of beautiful places worldwide is an uplifting experience. However, to ensure a stress-free trip, it is essential to have the right luggage for the job! Say a big welcome to Oak & Rove, offering up their Weekender bag for those trips away, both business and pleasure. I will give it a close look in my latest blog post review. Read on to find out more.

I was more than looking forward to getting my hands on the Oak & Rove Kennedy Weekender, especially after my previous experience with the brand in my Oak & Rove Alto Briefcase Review, which earned a very positive report from me. The brand is seemingly going from strength to strength, and I cannot wait to see how their larger bag turns out!

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Size & Shape

There is no doubt the Kennedy Weekender has similarities with the Alto Briefcase (which is no bad thing!), rectangular in shape with a very firm structure overall. The bag boasts an impressive 33l storage space, with a seemingly endless variety of storage areas for all your travel necessities! Thanks to its solid shape, the bag sits well both sitting on the ground, held or slung over your shoulder during travel (rather than collapsing poorly, like many competitor bags).

The exact measurements of the weekender are –

• Length: 20.5in / 52cm

• Width: 8.3in / 21cm

• Height: 11.8in / 30cm


The Kennedy Weekender follows on from its stylish smaller brother in the design department, sitting pretty in a solid matt black crafted from water-resistant nylon. Full-grain leather has been used for the additional parts of the bag – the handles, pockets, strap and trim, which have a lovely complementary effect. The metal hardware (zips, clasps) features a black coating, keeping the whole look uniform.

There is a wide range of compartments for your travels – pockets and pouches, inside and out for charging cables, phone, wallet, documents and more! As well as the standard areas for a laptop to be held in place alongside the main storage area for camera equipment and, of course, clothing.

There is also a neat little addition, a waterproof shoe compartment accessible from the outer section of the bag. This feature is ideal during travel if you need to access a pair of summer shoes or sandals (great if they get sandy and wet, so they can be tucked away without compromising the rest of the bag). On the outside, Oak & Rove have seen fit to include a trolley sleeve allowing you to slip the bag safely over the handle of roller luggage (holding it securely in place).

The bag is undoubtedly stylish to look at, with little branding across the entirety of the bag (one tiny logo on the front left-hand side), keeping it very minimal. The luggage ticks all the boxes with design, which will undoubtedly go well with your city break ensemble or your holiday trip.

Value For Money

The bag comes in at a moderately high price, sitting at just under $450 – however, with the style and quality on offer and the sheer amount of storage space for your travel, I think the RRP is more than justified.


The Kennedy Weekender is an excellent piece of kit! Great size and shape, fantastic design and top quality! Ensure you don’t have to fret about your luggage on your next trip using the latest release from Oak & Rove.

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*Partnership with Oak & Rove / Opinions are my own.


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