Grams28 156 Leather City Sling Review

Grams28 156 Leather City Sling Review

As a fashionable man about town, you will likely have an ever-increasing selection of accessories, gadgets, and more that you need to transport with you on a daily basis. In my latest fashion blog post review, I will check out the Grams28 City Sling, which could be essential for this task. Carry on reading to find out more!

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Gone are the days when men only carried the bare-bones of items with them (traditionally a wallet, keys, and then eventually they added a mobile phone into the mix), but the modern man has evolved beyond this minimalistic aspect. Now, many guys often carry more with them than their female counterparts! Tech is one of the main reasons for this change, with the need for a smartphone, tablet, headphones, and the cables to go with them. If you are a digital creator, carrying your camera is also a must (and sometimes even alternative lenses).

Currently on trend is the ‘sling’ style bag, which wraps around your body with the bag sitting upon your chest for easy access in a pinch – my latest review will be focusing on this type of bag from Grams28 (who I featured previously with a review of their Laptop Folio and iPhone case – reviewed here).

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Style & Design

As with all of the Grams28 range, the 156 Leather City Sling is striking to look at, yet its beauty is ultimately understated and will add the right amount of style to your ensemble when worn. Available in solid black (although perhaps additional colours will be added at a later date) and is crafted using a premium full-grain pebbled leather for that textured effect (manufactured in Italy).

The bag has a front and reverse zippered compartment along with the main zippered section on top, allowing you to fit the bulk of your items (additionally, there are internal mini-sleeves for extra accessories along with another zippered area and a slot for a pen or pencil too).

The internal body of the bag has been designed with a complementary beige hue, which offsets against the black body of the leather to great effect. The bag comes complete with an adjustable strap with an easy-to-use metal clasp (so you can easily attach the bag to your body and vice-versa).


The bag is quite substantial, allowing you to carry items of varying sizes, including – iPad Mini, portable gaming consoles ( such as the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck), or even a mirrorless camera. There is even extra space for a bottle of water (to keep you hydrated throughout the day), a foldable umbrella, or numerous other accessories.

Size dimensions :

  • Width – 31 cm
  • Height – 15.5 cm
  • Depth – 7.5 cm
  • Max Capacity – 5.5L


The City Sling Bag will be invaluable to fashionable go-getters, allowing wearers to carry all the essentials needed for the day. As it is easily worn across the front of the body, both hands will be unused, giving you more freedom during travel, phone access, and general activities. Not to mention, thanks to its impressive design, it can be used as a stylish accessory, upping your outfit game in the process!


Unsurprisingly, I am delighted with the Grams28 Sling bag! Super stylish, feature-filled, and easy to wear! The positives are countless, and if you are searching for a great way to carry your day-to-day essentials, you should check this bag out for yourself!

Do you like the look of the newest release from Grams28? Will you be adding it to your travel set-up? Let me know in the comments below.

*Partnership with Grams28 / Opinions are my own.

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