Oak & Rove Alto Briefcase Review

Oak & Rove Alto Briefcase Review

Briefcases are one of those items that toe the line between a practical necessity and a fashionable accessory. Oak & Rove have hit the ground running with its new addition into the fray with the Alto briefcase, aiming to target the modern professional consumer. In my latest blog review, I will be taking a close look at all of its functions and overall style.

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Oak & Rove launched in 2019 thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign headed by founder Harrison Bevins, who, after years working in the corporate sector, decided to start his own production company. After countless trips around the world, he came to realise he needed a travel bag to fulfil the needs of the modern individual who requires both functionality and style in equal measure.

I will be giving the brands Also briefcase a thorough once over in my review! Read on to find out more.

Size & Shape

The size of the Oak & Rove briefcase is large enough to fit all of your daily travel accessories. Its 13-litre capacity allows you to store your laptop, phone and accessories, documents and any number of other items you will need for the office that day without trouble.

As soon as you view the Alto bag, you will remark on its shape, which is almost square in design and is very compact yet functional. Despite its moderate width, the bag will easily sit on the ground up-right, which is ideal when travelling.

The exact measurements of the briefcase are –

• Length: 16.1in / 41cm

• Width: 5.1in / 13cm

• Height: 11in / 28cm

• Weight: 3.3lbs / 1.5kg


The briefcase is undeniably striking, bathed in a deep black colouring throughout the water-resistant nylon-twill interior and full-grain leather trim and handles. The metal hardware is coated in black, complementing the overall vibe. There are so many external and internal pockets that it would seem unlikely that you would run out of space for anything you care to transport with you! Compartments for cables, chargers and more, along with sleeves for your laptop, phone and even passport.

Additionally, there is space for tablets, stationery, newspapers and even a bottle of water (everything has been meticulously considered during the design process). There is also a trolley sleeve, allowing you to slip the briefcase over your suitcase’s handle during travel.

The bag’s design is, as already mentioned, sleek and sophisticated but also has only the smallest amount of branding (the logo is positioned unobtrusively in the bottom left corner of the primary side). However, if my words haven’t already given the game away, then let me clarify that the Alto bag is an impressive looking piece of kit!

Value For Money

The price point of the bag sits over the $300 mark; however, it is a stunning looking item with almost endless amounts of space and functionality on hand. The quality too is second to none, so it will ensure you years of successful trips and journeys no matter where you are headed.


In short, the Oak & Rove Alto Briefcase is a top-class item that any modern business person should have in their travel arsenal. Outstandingly stylish, exceptional quality with a fantastic amount of storage space at your fingertips. If you are looking to make a new purchase, this bag should be at the top of your list.

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*Partnership with Oak & Rove / Opinions are my own.


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